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5 Ways To Send Valentines Day Cards

Published date: 04/01/2012 16:06


When choosing a Valentines card for a loved one, always err on the side of caution. Hold on – did we just say that? Well we didn’t mean it and today, kids, we’re going to discuss our favourite ways to to send Valentines day cards to the person you love (lust?).

1. The romantic way… Pick a really romantic card. We don’t actually think that the whole ‘anonymous’ thing is very romantic (a bit creepy actually) – it’s best to wear your heart on your sleeve and choose a personalised card with your loved ones name on it – and make it a large one. If you are feeling really romantic, send a lovely bunch of flowers with your card.

2. The cheapskate way The cheapskate way is much like the romantic way, but instead of sending a bunch of flowers with your card, choose a photo upload valentines card, and use a picture of you holding a bunch of flowers, so that you lover will get the subliminal message that you have bought flowers, when all you’ve actually done is raid the neighbour’s flowerbeds and taken a snap with your phone.

3. The ego deflating way This one’s a cracker. Get online and order multiple Valentines cards, but only personalise one of them. This will make your loved one think that as well as the personalised card from regular ol’ you, they also have a string of anonymous admirers. Let them strut around for a few days before breaking the news. This will make them realise that not only do you love them so much that you sent them loads of cards, but also that you’re the only person that’s remotely interested in them.

4. The sexy way This is probably best if you are already in a relationship with the recipient or are confident of success. Choose one of our rude valentines cards, and personalise it with a naughty message inside. If they don’t take out a restraining order you’ll know you’re in with a chance.

5. The creepy way For us the creepy way to send a Valentines card is also the traditional way. Send a card anonymously and never tell them that it was you. It’s a bit silly because you’ll never benefit from it, but if you must do it this way, at least choose a good one (try one of our funny Valentines cards).


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