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Valentine's Cards For Husband

Your favourite husband? Well then, he definitely deserves a unique Valentine’s card just for him! Don’t let the sparks die out, show some appreciation to your better half and make sure he knows he’s still the love of your life. Find the one for “the one”, whether it be funny, rude or down-right romantic! Your endlessly patient husband will be touched to receive a card on Valentine’s Day inspired by his favourite TV show and who knows how he may reward you… If you’re lucky!

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Rude Cards?
Tell someone special how much you love them with this playful card!

Whaley Love You

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You want the moon? Just say the word and I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down! A personalised Valentine's card for someone you'd gladly give the moon to. Designed by Scribbler.

Love You To The Moon And Back

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And not just as the expendablember who'll take one for the team and be eaten in the first 3 days! Send this Whale And Bird card to a friend you want by your side at the end of the world.

Zombie Apocalypse Team

Send this sickly sweet card to your sickly sweet love! Designed by Charli Tait.

Love You Lots Like Jelly Tots

Send this cheeky card to your partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife to thank them for the orgasms! The perfect funny card to celebrate an anniversary or Valentine's Day.

Thanks For The Orgasms

Hopefully he's the only one you've got! Let him know how loved he is with this brilliant card by Scribbler.

To My Favourite Husband

Send valentine's day or anniversary wishes to your loved one with this cheeky card. Remind them that they are a bit of a knob.

A Bit Of A Knob

Out of all the husbands, this one is the best one. Let him know with this hilarious Scribbler card.

My Favourite Husband

Greetings card designed by Banterking

I'm Keeping You

The Official Dilf card is a chance to celebrate many occasions for a man-friend. They may be a new father, it could be a spouse telling their partner they have chippendale dancer features or just a chance for a secret admirer to tell a hot daddy that they would like to frolic with them.

Official Dilf

Treat your favourite person with as much love and romance as Charles Boyle has to offer, with this hilarious card inspired by Brooklyn Nine Nine!

Beloved Bubbly Boyle

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Youre the bees knee its legs and its arms! A personalised congratulations card designed by Doodles from my Brain.

Name You Are The Bee's Knees

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Who's a good boy?! Seduce a corgi lover this Valentine's Day with a face they just can't say no to! Personalised design by Scribbler.

You're Corg-Eous

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Not to sound cheesy, but you guys really look gouda together! Make your partner melt and show them you brie-long together with this ever so cheesy Valentine's card. Personalised design by Scribbler.

Queso Much About You

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Who doesn't want a baby Yoda card this Valentine's? Make a Mandelorian fan's day by getting them this fabulous, personalised Scribbler card.

Yoda Best

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If they have a hiney you'd like to be friends with, just put it out there that you want to be ON them this Valentine's Day. Personalised design by Scribbler.

Breathtaking Hiney

Send this cute waffle card to your bestie for their birthday or save it as a perfect little anniversary card for you and your partner.

I Love You A Waffle Lot

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Some might say this Scribbler card is a bit sharp but we just think it's to the point! Show someone you love them really by sending this prickly design.

You're A Prick

Send this cute and funny card to a loved one to tell them how much you fucking love them! The perfect card to celebrate an anniversary, friendship, Valentine's Day or just to send a smile.

I Fucking Love You

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Send this Valentine's card all the way from Kazakhstan to tell a special someone you think they're very naiiiiice, Borat style! Add a name to personalise this cheeky Scribbler design.

Make A Sexy Time

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