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Top 10 Best Father's Day Cards 2023

Published date: 05/04/2023 15:42

Bestselling FD Blog 2023.png

Introducing our Most Popular Father's Day Cards (As Bought by You)

If your Dad is anything like mine, then you know he is notoriously hard to buy for. Fast forward 30-something years and it is almost impossible to find a card that isn't literally identical to every other one you've given him. Yawn!

Suddenly you're looking for a funny Father's Day card and you realise you still have no idea what the enigma that is your Father actually likes?? We all know the cliches: that Dad is a beer drinking, football watching, golf playing, DIY attempting, money lending, human fart machine. This may well be true, but will any of these stereotypes actually make Dad belly laugh, or even raise an eyebrow on Father's Day?

Let us take you behind the scenes at Scribbler to discover what the majority of you guys agree will actually make your father figure laugh on Father's Day. Here is a list of ten of our bestselling, tried and tested Father's Day cards as determined by our customers - so you know they must be the cream of the crop! There may be some standard Dad jokes, but we like to think we've put our own Scribbler spin on them. If your Dad is anything like the rest of our customers', then the odds are he'll appreciate one of these too...



Starting off strong! This top pick has been plastered with puns and made especially for a DIY Dad.

Measures Up Father's Day Card, Scribbler


The force is strong with this one. If Dad made sure you inherited his love of Star Wars then this card is a no-brainer.

You Are My Father Star Wars Card, Scribbler


Lost something? Ask Mum. Broken something? It's Dad's time to shine!

When Something Breaks Pie Card, Scribbler


That face really says it all... You may be a pain in the arse but you're his pain in the arse. Forever. So don't let him forget it!

Happy Father's Day From Your Little Shit Card, Dean Morris Cards


We all just have the same Dad really, don't we? If your father figure is an expert at watching TV with his eyes closed, this is sure to get a laugh.

No I'm Watching It Card, Kitsch Noir


If you and Dad share the same warped sense of humour, take the rude route with this outrageously silly card.

Badger's Nadgers Card, Scribbler


Now's as good a time as any to butter Dad up and gently let him know that he is never getting his money back. This card will definitely make up for it though.

Dad I Can Never Repay You Literally, This Is Awesome


Bum humour? Say no more! This card is so ridiculous and yet completely genius. We're sure your mum will love having it on display in the house.

World's Best Pop Card, Studio Boketto


If your relationship hasn't been all rainbows and sunshine, take a less love-dovey route with this cheeky Father's Day card. 

Dad Starts With The Letter D Card, Scribbler


Don't you know there's a Cost of Living Crisis going on?? If you're completely broke, no need to spend your pennies on a card AND gift for the old man... This cheeky card will do the job of both! You're welcome.

Tech Support Voucher Father's Day Card, AbiGoLucky


If these cards don't have your Dad written all over them, then don't worry, we have many, many more to choose from for every different kind of father figure! Browse our full range of Father's Day cards online and in stores, ready to surprise your Dad on the 18th June.



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