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Valentine's Cards

It’s one of the most romantic days of the year, so whether you’re playing it cool, crushing hard or already coupled up, there’s a million ways to say ‘I love you’ with Valentine’s Day Cards from Scribbler!

A Card for Every Moment

Whatever your relationship status, we’ve got you covered. From subtle hints of affection and sweet declarations to hilarious one-liners that are downright dirty, our cheeky and funny Valentine’s cards will put a smile on the face of whoever you fancy!

If you’ve just started dating, our Rude Valentine’s cards are the ultimate ice breaker, and if you’ve been together for ages, we’ve got cards that can still make them blush!

Nail the Gift!

Once you’ve picked an epic Valentine’s Day card, make them swoon with an awesome gift too! From filthy games and rude stationery to practical goodies like water bottles, sleep masks, books and novelty gifts, there’s something to make their day.

Whether you’re buying for your ultimate love, your dream date, a best mate or your dog, it’s easy to show just how much you care with Valentine’s Day cards from Scribbler!

Make it the best Valentine's they've had in 8 years by sending this hilarious Alan Partridge inspired card by Pedges Houseboat. Afterwards you can pop the extractor fan on, get a through draft going.

Classic Intercourse

The great thing about having no morals is anything goes! Make your loved one laugh with this Trump inspired Scribbler card.

Win Your Heart

Send this funny Lucy Maggie card to the coolest person you know and they'll be buzzing to receive the compliment.

You Are So Fly

Create your own little bubble of happiness and start planning your forever together! Send your partner this romantic Mr Wonderful design.

Making Plans

Ooh la la! Add a bit of romance and mystery to your usual nights in front of the telly and send your partner this cheeky proposition. Designed by Lucy Maggie.

And Chill

Why not share the love this Valentine's card by Jolly Awesome?

Love Pug

Love at first sight is a wonderful thing. This Scribbler card puts it perfectly.

You had me at hello

They stand out to you! Send this funny Doodles From My Brain card to your number one and make them feel special.

You're One In A Chameleon

These so many reasons you love them, they buy the pizza, spell you're correctly but most importantly they have a cute ass! Show why you love them with this awesome Valentine's card by Scribbler. Also perfect for an anniversary.

Reasons I love you

Well of course but either way youre gonna end up with a belly ache or a massive headache. A card designed by Jeffrey & Janice.

Full Of Wine

True love is them wiping for you after youre done. A card designed by Jeffrey & Janice.

Going For A Poo

These ghosties definitely won't give you a fright on Halloween! Send this paranormal Jelly Armchair card before these boo bees come to haunt you!

Boo Bees

Add A Name
You want the moon? Just say the word and I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down! A personalised Valentine's card for someone you'd gladly give the moon to. Designed by Scribbler.

Love You To The Moon And Back

Well, I guess there's nothing else to say really. Don't beat about the bush, send this Dean Morris card now.

Suck my dick

Let someone know you'd be willing to cook them an omelette whenever they wanted one with this card designed by Scribbler.

You're Tidy And I Loves You

Let them know their love takes you high with this adorable Lucilla Lavender card.

Love You Heart Balloon

Propose a cosy night in with a partner or even a chum with this Scribbler card.

Netflix and chill

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