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Top 10 Funniest Christmas Cards 2023

Published date: 03/11/2023 12:52


Introducing our Funny Festive Favourites for this Christmas!

Well, dare we say it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... I mean, we work in the greeting card industry so it's actually looked like Christmas since about May (no joke) but Christmas ads are on the telly, turkey sarnies are back in meal deals and Michael Buble's dulcet tones will once again be crooning out of every speaker across the country (God help us).

There's more choice than EVER for nose-snortingly funny Christmas cards to send to your friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, and that one annoyingly organised Mum at the school gates who insists on handing them out to everyone and then makes you feel terribly guilty if you don't give one in return.

Stress ye not! We know how ridiculously busy the festive period can be and we like to think we're somewhat of an authority on funny here at Scribbler so we've taken it upon ourselves to compile a definitive Top 10 list of funniest Christmas Cards to send in 2023, so you don't have to.

Without further ado, here are our top picks based on what's hot this year and past bestsellers because if it aint broke, don't fix it! And if your mouth doesn't even twitch into a smile then bah humbug to you...


Starting out strong with this festive, furry ally who's bound to give your queer pal a good giggle. Coincidentally their pronouns are they, them and little cutie-pie!

 Identify As A Reindeer Christmas Card, Tillovision


You may have heard of a lesser known footballer called David Beckham? Apparently he had a rather popular documentary on Netflix earlier this year... Supposedly his wife's pretty famous too. Who knew?!

Beckhams Working Class Christmas Card, Pink And Pip


Anyone who's ever complained about the trains in this country will get a laugh out of this corker. Provided their train home for Christmas isn't cancelled, that is.

 Train Set Christmas Card, Modern Toss


The perfect choice for a partner, sibling or whoever'll be your mulled wine drinking buddy over the festive season! (In case you were wondering, the correct answer is all of the above).

Christmas Drink Jeffrey & Janice Card, Bold & Bright


It wouldn't be Christmas without a classic pun taken straight out of a cracker and this one is baa-rilliant for all the family.

 Fleece Navidad Festive Sheep Christmas Card, Scribbler


If you're up on your trending telly, then it's more than likely you've watched Clarkson's Farm and will greatly appreciate this classic Gerald gag. We think he's saying something about Merry Christmas?

Gerald Nonsense Clarkson's Farm Christmas Card, C&L Cards Ltd.


You just can't go wrong with a humorous, retro photo card. There's no such thing as being too OTT at Christmas. Be more like Sheila. Sheila knows what's up!

Spruced Up Sheila Christmas Card, CrazyWombat


One thing you and your siblings can all agree on! The perfect Christmas card to call out an overzealous parent.

Bin Bag Type Christmas Card, Pink And Pip


We stan Martin Lewis in this house. If you're feeling the increased Cost Of Living this Christmas then send this legend to your friends and family and how can they complain??

Martin Lewis Christmas Card, PopDogShop


And let's not forget, the reason for the season: the birth of Christ! Narrated by Donkey AKA the true hero of the Nativity.

Sarcastic Donkey Christmas Card, CrazyWombat


And if this lot doesn't jingle your bells, then we've got a whole lot more where they came from! Browse our full selection of hilariously funny Christmas cards to have you cry laughing into the New Year.



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