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Our Top Christmas Gift Picks 2022

Published date: 05/12/2022 15:40

Ash's Xmas Blog Post.png

Ashlea here - champion of all things web gifts at your service! I’ve been tasked with telling you which Scribbler gifts are my absolute favourites for this Christmas and why... Phew, tough choice! Prepare to be dazzled, awed and amazed whilst I give you a little insight into all the festive pressies I recommend the most for 2022.

I’ve always said that the best gift for me would be a night at an outdoor cinema but when I saw the Vintage Cinema Experience WITH yummy cocktails included I was all for it. It’s only two of my favourite things! Personally, I think that experiences are some of the best gifts because they’re memories you’ll always remember.

If I got this Bah Hum Mug as a Secret Santa gift, I’d be hella impressed. It means the person knows me well… I love tea = mug. I grew up in Wales = a sheep. And all wrapped up with a festive pun - lush!
This cutie pie put a grin on my face as soon as it arrived. A little festive spin on everyone’s favourite soft toys - Jellycat, of course! I’m a big fan of mince pies anyway (warmed in the microwave with a little soya cream next to it - OM NOM), so the Amuseable Mince Pie is an absolute must-have for me this Christmas.

I myself am a Fle-gan AKA a flexible vegan AKA I'm a vegan 99% of the time but very occasionally I may cave and eat pizza with normal cheese or have a teensy bit of normal chocolate. Therefore, I've been somewhat jealous of the Tony’s Chocolonely Christmas chocolate choices so I was thrilled when H!P brought out their own Gingerbread Oat Milk Chocolate Bar and it is officially YUM.

Tried, tested and it got my personal seal of approval - I ate two whole bars in one sitting. I'm realising now that I may have a bit of a chocolate problem…

Now I have an excuse to talk about my beautiful nine month old Staffy called Thor who is my first ever doggo. I brought this Grinch Dog Toy home for him and he absolutely loved it! The moment he got it into his mouth he got the zoomies and ran up and down the corridor with it, showing it off. He’s even learnt the Grinch’s name and can now bring him to me on command - it’s a Christmas miracle!

I’ve owned this delightful Christmas Headband for two years now and I literally wear it to EVERY Christmas event I’m invited to, along with my Christmas jumper, my light-up bauble necklace and sometimes my Christmas tights if I REALLY want to go all out. What can I say? I commit fully to the festivities.

I usually use digital project management tools and calendars to keep on top of everything work related. Why you may ask? Because whenever I occasionally do write things down on sticky notes or in one of my MANY notebooks then they inevitably end up getting lost because I’m absolutely terrible at keeping track of stuff in my personal life.

Having the 2023 F*cking Dates Diary would definitely help me to stay organised and keep everything I need to remember in one place for once! New year, new me and all that b*llocks.

This Incohearent Game is definitely my current favourite! Ideal for playing with my family after Christmas dinner (and maybe a few drinks) but also bringing out at any social occasion whenever you want to have a bit of a giggle. For some reason, I’m actually really good at it too which is a definite bonus! Let’s be honest, most people want to participate in games they know they’ll probably win.

I’m a bit of a Grandma at heart so I spend the majority of my time in winter cosily curled up reading or watching films with a cup of Earl Grey tea (and occasionally a mulled wine) in hand - especially now the weather’s so bloody cold!

I have a tendency to comfort-watch my favourite films on repeat. For instance, this Christmas I’ll probably watch Serendipity at least 4 or 5 times! So I love the challenge element of this Scratch Card Movie Bucket List and being pushed to watch more films in different genres I potentially never would have otherwise.

Now, that you've probably had enough of my mild over-sharing, I hope this helps you on your quest to finding all the best pressies for your friends and family this festive season. Of course, why take my word for it? You can always find our full range of Christmas Gifts online and in store and decide the best picks for yourself.

Happy hunting!



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