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Add A Photo Birthday Cards

Buy the perfect card for any occasion or individual here at Scribbler - send a funny, cheesy or downright rude card and make their day. Find exactly what you need via the filters or search by designer for even more inspiration. If you order before 2pm, we'll dispatch on the same day too. Sorted!

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Rude Cards?
Add A Photo
Upload a photo to this Scribbler card, perfect for any occasion!

Full Photo Upload

Add A Photo
Friends till the end! That might even be tomorrow you never know. A personalised card designed by Angela Chick.

Friends Till The End

Add A Photo
This person is so old that their face looks perfect on this old western inspired photo upload birthday card designed by Scribbler.


Add A Photo
Say happy birthday to a young one or just a balloon fanatic with this photo upload card designed at Scribbler.

Birthday Balloons

Add A Photo
Say it like it is with this hilariously naughty photo upload card. Make sure they know what they are!

Happy Birthday You Bellend

Add A Photo
Send a queen for the day this wonderful Scribbler card and upload a photo to mark the occasion.

Birthday Queen!

Add A Photo
Say happy birthday to your bestie with this adorable Scribbler photo upload card.

Happy Birthday!

Add A Photo
Isn't that all any girlfriends need? Sounds like the foundation for a great relationship and a bloody good night! Upload a photo and send this Dean Morris card to your bestie.

Gossip And Alcohol

Add A Photo
I hate to break it to you, but that smell is most likely coming from you. Your friends just can't move fast enough to get away from you! Say Happy Birthday to a smelly old fart with this Dean Morris photo upload card.

You Know You're Old

Add A Photo
Know someone you'd appreciate this adorable photo-upload card by Fuzzballs? Then what are you waiting for, send it to them today!

Fuzzballs Frame

Add A Photo
A birthday uncelebrated - what's the point in that?! An excuse to get trollied is the one good thing about turning another year older! Upload a photo of the whole squad onto this Dean Morris card.

We're Here For The Piss Up

Add A Photo
Ever wanted to see your friends face in an avocado? Then this Scribbler photo upload card is both absurd and perfect for you!

Avo Splendid Birthday!

Add A Photo
Do you two share a love of pizza, gaming and cats? Then this Fuzzballs card is perfect to personalise and send to your partner or best friend.

Fuzzballs Photo Frame

Add A Photo
If they're as classic as a Y2K Motorola flip phone, add a photo to video call your favourite and make them smile with this brilliant Scribbler card.

Don't Make Em Like They Use To

Add A Photo
Send some picture perfect memories on their birthday with this multiple photo upload design by Scribbler.

Happy Birthday

Add A Photo
Yeah, you don't sound like you give you give a fuck. Wish them a happy fucking birthday with this Dean Morris card featuring a photo upload of your choice.

Happy Fucking Birthday

Add A Photo
D'you hear that Boris?! We're officially all staying the same age this year, it doesn't count. Remind a friend of the good ol'days on their birthday with this Dean Morris photo upload card.

Unless You Get Blind Drunk

Add A Photo
Everyone knows that lesbians are way more fierce and savage than any lions. Funny photo upload design by Dean Morris.

Throw Me To The Lesbians Photo Upload

Add A Photo
They've reached the age where they technically become an adult, but by the looks of this photo-upload card by Fuzzballs age is only a number and they're not ready to grow up!

Fuzzballs You're An Adult

Add A Photo
Let them know how much you love them with this wonderful photo upload card by Scribbler.

Love You Berry Much!

Add A Photo
If you're so excited and you just can't hide it; then don't! Send a friend this Dean Morris photo upload card on their birthday.

Excited It's Your Birthday Photo Upload

Add A Photo
Let someone know that nobody gives two fucks about their birthday with this photo upload card designed by scribbler.

Nobody Gives A Fuck

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