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Divorce Cards

Back on the market! Send either your consolations or congratulations to a newly single divorcee from our selection of supportive divorce cards that’ll show them they’re much better off.

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Rude Cards?
Was your friend paired up with a prick!? Let them know everything will be OK with this funny card from Thinkling Creative.

He Was An Utter Prick

If you can't be bothered to pick out the perfect card - this card covers it all! Buy one or one hundred, it works for every occasion!

All-Purpose Card

Send your loved one this quirky Alexis Rose card to show them that you care. Inspired by the hit show Schitt's Creek.

I Love This Journey For You

Let Arnie say it how it is with this Terminator inspired Hasta La Vista card.

Hasta La Vista, Baby

Let your friend know you're always going to be there for them with this lovely card by Scribbler.

It'll Be Alright

Another funny work card from Modern Toss. Seize every occasion.  One of our great personalised everyday cards.

Not My Baby

We all need a little motivation and cheers from our peeps to keep on going, whether it's that job interview or an exam coming up, you've got this! Send them a little pick-me-up with this card by Ink Bandit.

You Got This

Sometimes the best remedy for tough times is a chat and a hug, so let them know you're all ears if they need to talk with this lovely Scribbler card.

I'm So Sorry

A fruity design (wink, wink!) perfect for birthdays and other celebrations! Designed by the award-winning creative powerhouse, The London Studio.

Shake Your Melons!

The Well Done Dickhead card is a chance to celebrate your family and friend's personal triumphs.

Well Done Dickhead

Treat them to this brilliant Divorce card by Poppy And Mabel and make their day!

Hang In There Sloth

You'll be the new hot commodity at the school gate all the single mums will be lusting after. There's only one thing they love more: a hot widower. Just saying! Designed by King B.

Hot Divorcee

You're divorced! time to start again and enjoy yourself! A card designed by Angela Chick.

You're Divorced

Now you've dropped the dead weight and took 50% it's time for the fun to really begin. A divorce card designed by Angela Chick.

You're Divorced

Get those dating apps re-downloaded ASAP, there's not a moment to lose! Dive straight back into the single life with this funny design by King B.

Lets Get Swiping

They say it's better to have loved and lost than to have loved before, but that is utter rubbish! Give your mate the best advice ever with this brilliant Angela Chick card.

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