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What to Write In a Mother's Day Card

Published date: 16/02/2024 10:48

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We all came from somewhere... To be more specific, our heroic mothers who gave up alcohol for 9 months in order to bring us into the world! Now how can you ever begin to repay that kind of sacrifice? Not to mention all the things she's done for you ever since!

It's a good job then, that there is in fact an annual celebration solely dedicated to showing our mother figures some much deserved appreciation, and if you want to thank your mum, a Mother's Day card is a bloody good place to start!

Sadly, we can't all be born writers and simply signing your name inside a card is far less acceptable when you're not 7 years old or an unfeeling robot. Even if your mum knows how much you love her, we all know how touched she'll be to receive a thoughtful & personal message inside her Mother's Day card.

But after so many years of these things, inspiration starts to run dry. How the heck are you supposed to put into words just how much your mum means to you, anyway? 

Whether you want to make her laugh or cry (or both), we've compiled some of the best ideas for what to write in a Mother's Day card to make the mum in your life feel extra special.

And not forgetting all the other types of mums out there! Find inspiration for what to say to your mum, your gran, or even help out a furry family member by writing a card to a dog or cat mum on their behalf.


For Your Mum

  • Mum, how did it feel to give birth to a legend? I'm sorry my siblings were such a disappointment in comparison but congrats, you absolutely nailed it with me!
  • You're way more than just my mum - you're my best friend, my shoulder to cry on, my part-time therapist and my full-time hype-woman! I love you, mum.
  • Mum, I would get a tattoo with your name on it to show you how much I love you but you would definitely kill me in my sleep so have this Mother's Day card instead.
  • I know everyone says this but you really are the best mum in the world. Thanks for always moving mountains for me - you're a God damn superhero!
  • Mum, I don't know how you put up with me - I've been an absolute nightmare! Consider this my apology for 18 years worth of torture.
  • Mum, you're simply the best and I owe you my life - quite literally! Put your feet up and relax today, you've bloody well earnt it.
  • Mothers are like glue: even when you can't see them, they're still there holding the family together. Thanks for everything, mum!
  • I can't even imagine how proud you are of me for remembering to get a Mother's Day card this year! Love from your least disappointing child.
  • We may drive each other crazy, but no matter what, I just want to let you know that I love you, mum.
  • Don't worry, it's not about being the best mum in the world... It's the taking part that counts! Happy Mother's Day from your little sh*t.

For Your Gran

  • Thank you for being the best mum AND grandma, all rolled into one super-parent! I don't know what I'd do without you.
  • Forget the Godfather, what about the Grandmother! You're the glue that holds our family together and we're so lucky to have you.
  • Did you know that the best mums get promoted to grandma? Congrats, this is the proof that you've been waiting for!
  • Granny, thanks for always being there for me. You are absolutely gran-tastic!
  • Sometimes it takes a village, and I couldn't let this day go by without also thanking you, gran. Thank you for being my second mum!
  • Just guaranteeing my spot as favourite grandchild. I hope you'll remember this card when you come to write your will!
  • You're not just a regular gran, you are officially the coolest gran EVER and all my friends are jealous. How did I get so lucky?
  • Grandma, thanks for all the money you've slipped into my hand over the years when mum wasn't looking. One day I'll repay you!
  • Nan, thanks for feeding me up and ensuring I never go hungry... You're the reason I'm made up of 90% cake!

From Your Pet

  • Mum, I'm sending you lots of slobbery kisses on Mother's Day. PS. Don't tell him but I love you more than dad.
  • Thanks for always picking up my sh*t, mum. I like to think I have you pretty well trained now!
  • I just want you to know that you are my favourite human. Thanks for all the belly rubs and teaching me to be the goodest of boys!
  • Thanks for always being there to stop me from eating random crap I find on the floor. If it weren't for you, I would definitely be dead.
  • You are without a doubt the best mum a dog could ask for. I just wish I knew why you spoke to me like a 1 year old child.
  • Because you don't seem to appreciate all the dead animals I bring you, I hope you'll accept this Mother's Day card instead.
  • Bet you didn't know I could write did you? Happy Mother's Day from your favourite child.
  • Mum, thanks for being the best food feeder, litter tray cleaner, chin scratcher and comfiest human armchair around!
  • You may be a crazy cat lady but you're MY crazy cat lady. Rest assured I have peed everywhere to mark my territory.
  • Happy Mother's Day from the Cat even though we both know they didn't buy this card - they literally couldn't give a crap.
  • Who is she, the cats mother? Why yes, yes she is. Happy Mother's Day from your furry, four-legged child.
  • Mum, you're the cat's whiskers/dog's bollocks and trust me, I should know!

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