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10 Creative Ways To Reuse Old Christmas Cards

Published date: 06/01/2023 15:15

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We can all agree that Christmas is a time for celebration, gift-giving, and spreading joy to loved ones. But it can also generate a lot of waste, especially through old greetings cards! Come the end of the festive season, we're all left with stacks of Christmas cards now cluttering up our homes and looking somewhat out of place by mid-late January.

 Instead of just throwing them away, there are loads of other ways you can recycle your old Christmas cards! We'd hate to see such wonderful cards (even if we do say so ourselves) sent thoughtfully by your nearest and dearest turned into tomorrow's trash, so we've put our heads together at Scribbler HQ to come up with some fun and imaginative ways to put old Christmas cards to new uses... Here are 10 ideas to get you started:

1. Repurpose them into gift tags for next year’s presents
2. Use them to create a collage or a scrapbook
3. Donate them to a school or nursing home for arts and crafts projects
4. Use them to decorate gift boxes or bags
5. Make them into ornaments for your Christmas tree
6. Use them as postcards or thank you notes
7. Turn them into a garland or banner for next Christmas
8. Use them to decorate a Christmas wreath
9. Use them as a base for your own handmade cards
10. Use them as part of a festive table setting or place cards for Christmas dinner

By repurposing your Christmas cards, you can not only reduce waste but you might end up creating something amazing that you can use for years to come! Whether you use them for your own craft projects at home, or pass them along to a loved one in a new form, there are plenty of ways to recycle your old Christmas cards to give them a second life and continue putting smiles on your loved ones faces.

Check out this garland in our Bristol store made from old Christmas cards!

At Scribbler, we love our big ol' blue and green planet, and there's never been a more pressing time to take better care of it in whatever way we can. Rest assured that all Scribbler cards are made from paper that comes from responsibly managed forests. This means the timber harvested for the paper we use is done in ways without damaging biodiversity or disrupting natural processes. Our ink is also made from vegetable-oil and we sell our cards 'naked' (ooh-er) with no plastic packaging.

We value the tactile and sentimental nature of card and gift-giving, and we are always keen to make sure it is done in eco-friendly ways. Finding ways to recycle your old cards will help to reduce your own impact on the environment too, so we can all keep our planet Earth green and healthy!

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