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Funny Valentine's Cards

Ha-ha-happy Valentine’s Day! Try your luck at laughing them into bed with one of our hilariously funny Valentine’s cards. From sarcasm, puns and thinly veiled insults, woo your crush by sending some PG humour or treat your other half to a cheeky innuendo. Inject some comedy with TV & film inspired designs or browse our rude Valentine’s cards to make them blush with something a little more risqué!

Short arms, big heart. Send them love from afar with this Whale & Bird card. Just because.

I Love You This Much

Are you a little possessive about your partner? Then this Modern Toss card is the one for you!

Always Be Mine

Let's Go To Maccy D's, by Scribbler. Filet-O-Fish is the best thing on the Maccy Ds menu. Fight me. Send this heartfelt Valentine's McCard to your McValentine.

Let's Go To Maccy D's

See something you like? Show your primal instinct with this romantic card for your other half. Designed by Jolly Awesome.


Let your partner in crime know that their love sustains you, much like oatmeal, with this Brooklyn Nine Nine inspired card. Name a better duo, we'll wait. Valentine's design by Scribbler.

You Aren't Some Common Bitch

And that's being generous! Let someone know they're just above average with this funny design by Jolly Awesome.

Solid 6 Out Of 10

Send this seductive Valentine's card to the one you want to have a sexy time with because who can resist chest hair and a mankini, right Borat? Designed by The Cake Thief.

Very Nice I Like

Send this iconic, Come Dine With Me inspired design to wish your loved one a sad little Valentine's and hope it makes them very happy. Designed by Scribbler.

Have All The Grace

Invite your Player 2 to start a love game with this cute Valentine's design by Pango Productions.

You Push All My Buttons

If they've made you feel like the luckiest person in the world, send this adorable, punny Valentine's card to your fiance. Designed by Scribbler.

I Fiance The Shit Out Of You

We don't want to say that you're punching but he's bloody gorgeous! Send a compliment to your fave guy with this Cunning Linguist card.

Beautiful Bastard

Give your heart to that special someone on Valentine's Day and make them feel like a king or queen! Designed by Lowe and Behold.

Isla Vue

If they think you can be separated from the Play Station for one whole day, then they're sorely mistaken! If you're a gamer, lower your partner's Valentine's expectations with this funny Scribbler card.

All Night Session

Not quite as young and fit as they used to be? At least they've got you to lean on! Make your partner laugh through the pain with this Scribbler Valentine's card.

You've Pulled

Let your partner know that 69ing and other unhygienic practices are officially of the table until Miss Rona has seen herself out! Valentine's design by Scribbler.

Wine Me Dine Me

All you want for Valentine's is them... And the vaccine! If their love is as powerful as any drug, send your partner this Lockdown inspired card by Scribbler.

You Light My

Oh yes, he signed up for this! Send your fiance this funny Valentine's card and make sure he knows exactly what he's gotten himself into. Designed by Scribbler.

You Chose To Propose

Valentine's massage? Any fans of the IT Crowd will appreciate this reference to an iconic episode and an experience that Roy will never forget. Designed by Scribbler.

Let You Kiss My Bum

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