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Leaving Cards

Find the perfect leaving card to say goodbye to a friend or work colleague you’ll sorely miss. Browse our selection of funny leaving cards for a fond farewell or try something ruder for a savage send-off.

Rude Cards?
Congratulate a co-worker on their big dreams with this New Job card designed by Scribbler.

Pursue Your Dream Card

This leaving card from Scribbler is perfect to send to a colleague of yours who is leaving. Let them know how much you're going to miss them.

We'll Miss You Card

They've left an impact - that's for sure. You'll be mopping up the tears for weeks! Make them laugh with this cute leaving card from King B.

We Will Miss You Card

Personalise one of our great New Job cards from Modern Toss. Let that lazy colleague (and your boss) know you're on to them.

Time Off Card

Fuck This Shit O'clock, by Scribbler.What's the time Mr Wolf? Time to FUCK THIS SHIT! ?o'clock. Make them laugh with this hilarious card perfect for any time of the day.

Fuck This Shit O'Clock Card

Wish them safe travels with this lovely card by Scribbler.

Bon Voyage Map Card

Let the one Co-worker you actually like know how you feel about them leaving! Designed by Scribbler.

You Traitor Card

Congratulate someone on a new job by letting them know that they will not be missed. A card designed by Quite Good Cards.

We Won't Miss You Card

Say a cheesy goodbye with this Scribbler card for those who like sugary American breakfast cereals.

Cheerio Card

Show your culture and say goodbye in French, featuring food! A card designed by Rumble Cards.

Au Revoir Card

Who can say no to those legs? Send off a colleague in full dramatic fashion with this theatrical, Queen inspired leaving card by Scribbler.

You Want To Break Free Card

This New Job card by Scribbler is perfect to send to someone who's leaving, especially if they're switching jobs or starting their own business.

Good Bye Card

Better not hang around - it's best for everyone if you make it snappy. Ba-bye now! Leaving design by Scribbler.

See Ya Later Card

Say goodbye with this bold yellow card from Scribbler.

Sorry You're Leaving Card

This Scribbler card is for that person you hope is too dumb to see the real farewell message, and can't wait to see the back of.

It's Been A Pleasure Card

It's bean great, but it's time to say peas out with this Scribbler card.

Peas-Out Card

Celebrate your boredom with this funny work New Job card from Modern Toss. One of our great personalised everyday New Job cards for every afternoon.

A Bit Bored Card

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