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Our Top Valentine's Gift Picks 2024

Published date: 29/01/2024 14:40

2024 Valentine's Gifts Blog Banner.png

Hello, it’s Ashlea here! Resident Scribbler gift guru, back again to guide you into finding the perfect pressie for your other half. Whether you’re all about getting down and dirty on Valentine’s Day, or simply want to inject a lil’ bit of that tender loving romance back into your relationship, we've got a great selection of sh*t hot Valentine’s gifts to tickle your fancy this year! Without further ado, check out our top picks for Valentine’s 2024... 

First up, (and there’s no surprises here) it’s everyone’s favourite: that’s right, Valentine’s Jellycats are back, baby!  

We think the Love-Me Lobster is an absolute must-have – I mean, just look at those heart claws?! Nice little touch, don’t you think? And you can really feel the love thanks to the Amuseable Hearts, available in two colours & sizes.

Not only do they have the signature Amuseable legs, but new for 2024, they now have matching little arms for giving HUGE hugs! We recommend you grab one of these cute cuddlies to give to your own lobster real quick because they definitely won’t hang around for long!

Perhaps your partner has an insatiable sweet tooth? If you want to keep your gift more traditional, you literally cannot go wrong with chocolates on Valentine’s Day! But we’re not talking a Dairy Milk Tray from the petrol station here - oh no!  

Carrying on the lobster theme, we've got quite a catch for you this Valentine's Day... Available exclusively online in Dark, Milk & Oat M!lk chocolate, these handcrafted, 3D Love Lobsters are the perfect, one-of-a-kind gift for your sweet-toothed other half to get their claws into! 

This isn't just any chocolate... It's Scribbler's very own! This brilliant little Let's Lick This Bar is the perfect combo of delicious, top quality milk chocolate and the cheeky Scribbler humour you know and love. Melt in the microwave for a few mins and enjoy a very messy Valentine's evening with your other half!

Perhaps you want to cut down on the clutter this Valentine’s, or maybe you’re just on the lookout for something a little different? Either way, why not give the gift of a unique experience that you and your loved one can enjoy and create some lasting memories together?

Brought to you by experience experts Indytute, you can choose between drinking the day away on an East London Wine Walk, becoming an Origami Master, or (my personal fave) Paddle Boarding along Regent’s Canal. Now that’s something you don’t get to do every day! Romantic, right?

If you’ve scrolled down this far, you’re probably looking for the raunchy and rude options, huh? Well, we’d hate to disappoint! Another Valentine’s Day rolls around and we’re proud to present another new range of naughty Valentine’s gifts. We’ll never let you down when it comes to the filthy fun stuff. It’s what we do best! 

Here at Scribbler, we’re big believers that maturity is overrated and that you most definitely can laugh someone into bed! Our Valentine’s socks are some of our bestsellers (the ruder, the better) because what says ‘I love you’ more than wearing a fetching pair of Sexy Socks whilst getting down and dirty? Check out this pair which is new for 2024 and selling fast!

This punny Freak In The Sheets Mug is a must-have for any partner who excels on Microsoft AND in the bedroom! They'll be an instant legend amongst their colleagues for using this in the office and how can HR complain when they're just drinking out of their Valentine's gift? Impeccable logic!

Introducing your new bestie... Willy The Warmer! This 12-inch, heatable willy cushion is the perfect, plush pressie for your lover to turn up the heat on Valentine's, or for your Galentine to give them hours of pleasure during those long winter nights.

Just warm Willy's removable sack in the microwave for a few mins, pop it back in and cuddle up to this two-eyed monster who's always soft and never hard! Save money on heating and invest in Willy in 2024.

And for all you frisky folk, why not add even more fun into the mix with this steamy booklet of Sex Vouchers? It’s absolutely perfect for seeing off February 14th with a bang! This sexy selection of 32 vouchers ranging from the oh-so-cute to the downright dirty will add some adventure into the bedroom and beyond - it really is the gift that keeps on giving, and giving!

Do we hear you screaming for more? Well, that’s lucky because this is just a taste of what we’ve got to offer! Browse our full Valentine's Gift range now and for a limited time only, use code VALENTINESFC to get a FREE card on gift orders worth £10 or over.


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