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LGBTQ+ Cards

Make every day a pride celebration and browse our fabulous collection of totally gay, LGBTQ+ themed cards for every occasion. These queer & rainbow-covered cards will spread an important message of love and acceptance!

Send this cute coming out card to your friend/family member to show they how proud you are that they have come out.

Trans Coming Out Card

Send this cute Pride parade card to a friend or family member to show them you're thinking of them during Pride.

Pride Parade Card

Send your friend, family member this cute, colourful Happy Pride Month card to show them you are thinking of them during the celebrations.

Happy Pride Month Card

Send this great Birthday card by Dean Morris to the camp little sausage in your life.

Camp Card

To mark Dean Morris Cards 20th Birthday, we've spoke to the man himself and he has this to say about that card: Nothing like a spot of casual blasphemy to provide a humour Birthday, Christmas or Easter greeting

Out Of My Way Bitches Card

Ah, they've finally admitted it's love! Ant and Dec getting married, as requested by Rick Neary. Hilarious Jim'll Paint It design by Lesser Spotted Images.

Mr & Mrs Ant & Dec Card

This is the perfect evening and you know it! Make your partner laugh with this funny-but-true Anniversary card from King B.

Happy Anniversary Card

Can we hear a whoop whoop?! Send this lovely Portico Designs Birthday card for any occasion.

Woop Card

Do you know an ABBA fan who is getting married? Give them this funny wedding card featuring their favourite band singing I do!

ABBA I Do Card

Go one step further than telling them they're just ancient.

You're Gayncient Card

Who needs date night when you can snuggle up to them and watch memes until you snooze! Make them laugh with this funny anniversary card from King B.

Happy Anniversary Card

Say thank you for being a wonderful wife with this lovely Anniversary card by Scribbler, we're sure she'll love it.

Wifey For Lifey Card

Two words: Hog Body. Trump, Pence and William Pryor on Drag Race with Obama as RuPaul telling them to sashay away, as requested by Adam Godding. Jim'll Paint It design by Lesser Spotted Images.

Trump Drag Race Card

OMG! You Guys Are So Cute Together. A fantastically bright Dean Morris card for the happy couple, especially if you're ambivalent about them. Perfect for an engagement wedding or anniversary.

So Cute Together Card

Queer Eye themed Birthday card.    Jonathan Van Ness "Yaas Queen Happy Birthday" is created with love by Paige Nicholas

Jonathan Van Ness Card

Send a Mean Girl this hilarious Valentine's Anniversary card by Scribbler and let them know what a big fat lesbian crush you have on them!

Big Fat Lesbian Crush Card

We Love Minge, by Dean Morris Cards. The haircuts may be atrocious but this card definitely says what needs to be said. Say happy Valentine's to your minge-loving partner-in-crime.

We Love Minge Card

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