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Birthday Cards for Mum

Queen for the day! Raise a glass to your fabulous mother, make sure she puts her feet up and wish her a relaxing birthday, with one of our unique and humourous designs for mum. Keep things classic (just like her) and show how thankful you are for her, or just give her a right old laugh! If she’s a nature lover, why not send her a cute animal inspired card? Don’t forget anyone’s special day; make sure to browse birthday cards for your sister!

"Born In The 70s" looking back at the nostalgic themes of the 70s by Rumble Cards

Born In The 70s

"Born In The 60s" looking back at the nostalgic themes of the 60s by Rumble Cards

Born In The 60s

"Happy Birthday Suit" - Naked Lady themed Birthday card designed by Rumble Cards for The Lady Garden Foundation

Happy Birthday Suit

She's lucky just to have you in her life! Save yourself the stress this holiday season and give your Mum this funny Scribbler card instead. At least we hope she'll laugh.

Mum You're Really Difficult

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They may not even remember what they did last week! Personalise this Scribbler birthday design and send to someone older and more forgetful than you.

Do You Remember

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For that person who's always plying you with treats! Send this personalised Scribbler card to your bad influence and let them know they're to blame.

Reason's Why I'm Fat

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Personalise this fang-tastic Scribbler card and send it to an old bat on their birthday.

You Old Bat

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They really do take the cake! Put the cherry on top of a loved one's birthday by sending a slice of love and laughter with this personalised Scribbler card.

Here's Some Cake

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Always play the long game! A Scribbler birthday card to personalise and send to an older relative in order to stay in their good books and secure that inheritence.

Why I Am Sending This Card

For the queen of the castle, your Mum. Send her some appreciation with this Whale and Bird card.

Mum Birthday Queen

Send this funny Mean Girls inspired card to the coolest mum you know - she's just one of the gals! Take the credit for keeping her young with this Pedges Houseboat design.

You're A Cool Mum

See You In October Mum. Wish your mum a happy birthday in isolation and make plans for 2021, just to be safe. In fact, why not just skip this year and stay a year younger! Designed by Buddy Fernandez. This yellow birthday card says See You In October.

See You In October Mum

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Tell somebody it's their birthday with this Elton John inspired card designed by Tache

Still Standing

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Oh big whoop! Your friend's managed to turn another year older so send them this unimpressed pug by Do Something David.

Whoop De Fucking Do

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Christ, talk about having one foot in the grave already! Congratulate someone on reaching this half a century milestone to really brighten their day. Designed by Do Something David.

50 Today

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Oh well done you! Celebrate this impressive achievement with the sincerest of cards by Do Something David.

40 Today

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Why tell someone what they want to hear if it's clearly not true? Give the gift of blunt honesty to a friend on their birthday with this Do Something David card. We're sure they'll appreciate it!

Don't Seem To Age

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Take the savage route with a familymber on their birthday and let them know they're the runt of the litter with this Do Something David design. What a cheeky monkey!

Have A Great Day

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Congratulate your oldest friend for making it this far with a cheeky Do Something David birthday design.

Clapping Your Age

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Definitely not the card to give to a vegan... Wish aat-eater a clucking good birthday and give them a chuckle with this Do Something David design.

Buffalo Wings

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Introducing the Snack Cone: for someone who can't watch TV without polishing off a share bag. But once you've opened it, you can't not finish it, right?! Designed by Do Something David.

So I Don't Snack

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