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Funny Mother's Day Cards

If you're mum's got a wicked sense of humour, our selection of Funny Mother's Day Cards is sure to leave her howling.

We've got creations that speak to her cheeky side, others that touch on mum's love of gin and everyone's favourite - cards that take the piss out of dad! Making memories with mum is the best, so grab the perfect one and give mum a good chuckle, you'll be in her good books for the rest of the year! 

Whether she's a Queen, a classy lady or a real-life Dolores Umbridge (hiss!), don't be quiet about your love for mum! Say it with a laugh, a cackle or right hard snort, choose from a wide range of Funny Mother's Day Cards from Scribbler. And if you're really going for favourite child award, pair it with a cheeky gift too!

Mother hood actually starts the first time you mutter ffs under your breath. A card designed by Jeffrey & Janice.

Mutter FFS

Next year might be a different story, but at least you can prepare Mum for the inevitable with this funny Mother's Day card, or also good for Mum's next birthday card! Designed by Scribbler.

Won't Put You In A Home

Do you ever get the feeling you were an accident? Send Mum this Scribbler card from a safe distance.

Child-Proofed The House

Do you be-leaf in the perfect Mother's Day card? Say 'aloe you very much' with this succulent Scribbler design.

Mum Aloe You Vera Much!

We've already solved this puzzle, your Mum is A-maze-ing! Let her know with this cute Mother's Day card, exclusive to Scribbler.

Mum, You Are A Maze Ing

Send this funny Mean Girls inspired card to the coolest mum you know - she's just one of the gals! Take the credit for keeping her young with this Pedges Houseboat design.

You're A Cool Mum

Don?t get your Mum another phone-y Mother's Day card. Show her how call she is with this relatable card bought to you exclusively by Scribbler.

But I Won't Do that

love a Mum who makes them feel loved and special, so give her this Dean Morris card to show you know how she feels too.

Get These Things Off Me

Stop loafing around and get your Mother this hilarious Mother's Day card by Scribbler. No Bun intended!

Loaf You Loads Mum

How fantastic? Bloody fantastic! And don't worry, we all know you learned the swearing from her. Dean Morris card tells it like it is.

Bloody Fantastic

For someone who has more than one child and the struggle is all too real. They're not the only ones who dread bath time! Designed by Whale & Bird.

Billy Farted

Honourable mentions go to: I'm not your personal taxi service, money doesn't grow on trees, and were you born in a barn?! Mother's Day design by Scribbler.

Mum Quotes

It's time to get royally trashed! Send this hilarious Rumble Cards design and raise a glass to their accomplishments!

Yaas Queen

An unconventional Mother's Day card by Jolly Awesome to say thanks for all that time and effort she spent bearing you.

Bearing Me

Your Mum is 'Proseccond to none' and probably on her proseccond bottle as you're reading this? Celebrate this Mother's Day or her next birthday with this stylish card from Scribbler.

Proseccond To None

Don't just give them a careless whisper, send this Scribbler card and say Wham, bam thank you mam!

Wham Bam Thank You

Because Aunt Bessie's got nothing on your Aunt's cooking! Let her know she's the best. Designed by Scribbler.

Best Aunt

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