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What to Write In a Maternity Card? Ideas & Inspiration

Published date: 10/09/2021 15:18

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What to Write In a... Maternity Card

It's nearly time: your colleague/friend/psychic/fellow human is about to become a mum! And whilst she is undoubtedly dealing with lots more pressing matters (giving birth to a tiny human, anyone?), the only dilemma you have right now is: “What the hell should I write in her maternity card?!"

Getting your loved one a maternity leave card seems like a smashing idea, until it comes to writing a meaningful message inside and then your mind goes... well, as blank as the card you just bought.

Don't get your knickers in a twist! Our handy guide will give you plenty of inspiration on the best ways to wish a mum-to-be all the happiness (and luck) in the world. Read on now!

Not Just a Regular Mum, But a Hilariously Cool Mum

If you have a pretty close and intimate relationship with the mum-to-be, and you can afford to be a bit jokey (or even a tad rude), then why not opt for a funny message that highlights certain aspects of motherhood in an ironic way?

For example, you could write something along the lines of:

  • “Welcome to a whole new world of NO MORE SLEEP!”
  • “I bet you're looking forward to that first post-birth bottle of wine/gin/prosecco!"
  • “Let me know when we can hang out again - I'll keep my calendar free for sometime around 2024."

Whatever you decide to write, there are just two very important aspects to consider:

  1. You need to be 100% sure that you won't offend the recipient! Your uni mate, Sarah might be able to take some playful banter but Janice from the office is a different story so if in doubt, err on the side of caution.
  2. You also need to follow your funny message with something a bit more neutral, such as “Congratulations on your new arrival”, or “Have a happy maternity leave”. This will help you tone down the previous part of the message, whilst still making the recipient giggle - not too much though, remember there's a baby resting on her bladder!

For the Sweeter-than-Honey Mummy

We all have that friend, right? The one who was pretty much placed on planet earth with the purpose of being an amazing parent! First, she mothered her younger siblings. Then, she was the mum of the friendship group, organising all night-outs and offering support and sympathy during your worst break-ups and career fails.

And now, she's actually becoming a REAL mother to a REAL baby! The words should flow pretty easily, no? Well, if you're still finding yourself stuck with absolutely no ideas, here are a few that you can use and adapt:

  • “Once a mum, always a mum! You've been there for me SO many times, and now you're going to be there for a sweet bundle of joy who is so lucky to have you as their mama.”
  • “There is no greater joy than showering your own son/daughter with love, care, and pure adoration and I can't wait to witness it! How lucky are they to have you!?”
  • “I genuinely couldn't think of anyone better than you to have babies. It's like you've been working towards this your whole life and now it's your time to shine! You're gonna be a star, mama!”
  • “Hey, mama. I'm gonna miss seeing your lovely face in the coming weeks but I'm so excited that the next time I see you, you'll be holding the most deserved gift in the world. I can't wait to meet them!”

For the Ultra-Busy Career Mum

Ahh, the mum who (very soon) will have it all! With this type of future mum, you can probably choose to play the irony card once more. Of course, this depends on how well you know her, whether you think she'll appreciate it, and if she's in charge of whether you keep your job or not!

You can always go for something a bit softer and more neutral. You want to reassure her that just because she's about to become a mum, it doesn't mean she'll stop being the incredible, powerful, independent woman she is now. In fact, she will officially become a superhero and even more amazing than she was before! Facts.

Here are a few message ideas that are ideal if you are writing to a colleague:

  • “We are going to miss you A LOT here — but you are about to embark on the greatest and most important project of your life, and I know that you will be just as amazing!”
  • “Don't rush back to the office, enjoy every moment of bonding time with your baby and TAKE IT EASY! Those spreadsheets and Zoom calls can wait (and in the meantime, I'll get [insert other colleagues name] to handle them).”
  • “I know that you worry about leaving us but we promise not to burn down the office while you're on your baby break, and trust me, it'll all be worth it — just don't forget about us!”
  • “You smashed the most challenging projects, always met the craziest deadlines, and kept our most difficult clients happy: surely, all this will come in handy when your new little boss arrives - good luck!”

Ready to Find (and Write!) a Great Maternity Card?

Buying a maternity card for a mum-to-be is a brilliant idea, but you need to know what to write in it!

Our guide gave you some sweet, original, and funny ideas that you should be able to adapt to the style and personality of the recipient - and will hopefully leave you feeling a little more confident!

However long you've known the mum-to-be, remember this is brand new territory for her so the most important thing is letting her know that you're there for her the whole way and how excited you are for this next chapter in her life to start.

Now that you know what to write, are you on the hunt for an equally unique card? Then, take a look at our great selection of Maternity Leave cards.


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