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Valentines Day Appreciation for your Thirdwheel

Published date: 24/01/2020 10:24


Cards that every third wheel would appreciate getting on Valentine’s Day

Roses are red, violets are blue. We may f*ck each other, but we love you too.

It’s true that Valentine’s Day is traditionally a celebration for couples, but sometimes you find that three is the magic number! And no, we’re not talking about having a threesome (but go ahead and live your fantasy, no judgement here).

Third wheels are the necessary stabiliser for any relationship and provide the balance we all need in life. Need a tie-breaker on an argument? Call on your third wheel friend for the deciding vote. Ordering a Friday night takeaway and can’t quite reach the minimum delivery amount? Bring in your third wheel!

Third wheels are the unsung heroes and quite frankly, they put up with A LOT (PDA overload anyone?). If you live with or hang out with another significant other, then show them some love on Valentine’s, cos two’s company but three’s a party!


Sure, bacon and eggs are a classic combination but who’d say no to a side of avo to take things to the next level?


Being a third wheel means that you’ve always got people to hang out with (unless they’re doing you know what). We love a supportive friend!


Your third wheel has seen (or heard) the intimate parts of your relationship that no one else has: from bust-ups to make-up sex. Essentially they have blackmail material for life so you’d better start buttering them up!


Accept that your third wheel isn’t leaving you alone anytime soon and embrace their inevitable presence on date nights for the foreseeable future.


Maybe you’ve got a live in third wheel? Show how invaluable and appreciated they are in keeping the equilibrium of the household with this perfectly platonic card.


You’ve reached that level of friendship where you’re more than happy to just enjoy each other’s company in blissful silence. You’re basically in a committed relationship but without all the sex stuff.


When there’s someone else to chip in on the shared Netflix account, then it’s all worthwhile really!


Don’t forget your single friend on Valentine’s (admit it; you’re the tiniest bit jealous). Celebrate that your friendship is as important to you as any romantic relationship. Your partner may change overtime but your third wheel will always be there for a wine and a whine!


Check out our full range of Valentine’s cards, and don’t forget you can support our partner charity CoppaFeel by shopping from this range of Scribbler Valentine’s cards.





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