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This one, or that one - Father's Day Edition

Published date: 31/05/2019 15:03


Decisions, decisions… It’s always tricky to choose a Father’s Day card, especially because Scribbler’s got a flippin’ massive range of Father’s Day cards! So, we’ve shortlisted a few for you that might help you make your mind up. We’ve selected cards for every type of Dad, get stuck in and take a look.

For the beer drinker

Is your Dad a connoisseur of Pale Ales or an aficionado of Lager? Then either one of these Father’s Day cards might be right up his alley. Consider getting him one that pretty much sums up his Father’s Day as being drunk and disorderly, or go for something a little more subtle and let him know he’s the greatest beer drinker ever!


For the disappointed Pop

Does he call you his little embarrassment albeit, lovingly? Well, let him know your fully aware there may be a shred of truth to that. Wish him a slightly less disappointing Father’s Day with this Dean Morris card, or make sure he’s aware that out of all of his kids, you turned out better than the rest with this Redback card.


For the coolest Daddio

Has your Dad always exuded a cool vibe? Perhaps he was born a hipster? Let your Daddy Cool know how ice cold he is with this adorable Scribbler card, or let him know you turned out to be just as cool!


For the bank of Dad

Is the soundtrack to your life you saying ‘Dad, can I borrow a tenner?’? Then one of these Father’s Day card will let you show him how poor you would be if it wasn’t for the Bank of Dad! Perhaps, this time you could tell him your going to be paying him back… in beer and awkward hugs this Father’s Day.


For the first time Daddy

He’s been having sleepless nights every since that little bundle of joy came into his life. They might not be dextrous enough to actually hold a pen but you could get your brand-new baby a Father’s Day card that they can send to him to say thank you for checking the temperature of the bath and prepping formula in the kitchen at 2:29am!


For your favourite Papa

Out of all of your parents he’s your fave! So, perhaps you could let him know and make your Mum ridiculously jealous at the same time, you know… a ‘two birds, one stone’ kinda situation with this Scribbler card! Alternatively, to appease your Mum, you could choose this Objectables card and let him know there might be a lot of Father’s out there but to you, he’s the best!


Unfortunately, if none of these put a smile on his face, quite frankly we don’t know what will! But you might want to take a look at our full range of Father’s Day cards just in case.


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