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Ain't No Party Like An (End Of?) Lockdown Party! 

Published date: 08/07/2020 10:55


Summer is finally upon us but sadly the C word is still lingering around like a party guest who’s REALLY outstayed their welcome, just won’t take the hint and leave already. 
Usually we’d all be gearing up for festivals and a season of fun and frolics in the sun but sadly Miss Rona has other ideas. No point crying over cancelled Glasto and Pride plans; if you can’t go to the party, why not bring the party to you?  

If you don't fancy facing the pubs just yet, you can still have some fun in the sun with your household, bubble or socially-distanced pals - metre sticks out lads! 

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday at home, having a BBQ in the garden or picnicking in the park, don’t let Corona be a complete party pooper; make the best of a crappy situation and turn it into a lockdown celebration like no other! 

This banner is perfect for sprucing up your stay at home celebration, although granted, not a family one! Pride month may be officially over, but long may the festivities continue! Also ideal for graduates of 2020 on what would have been their graduation day; they’ve been handed the short end of the stick but why not have a garden party in their honour? Or throw an end of lockdown party when the time comes and celebrate what really will be the best f*cking day ever! 

Any Quarantine Queen or King would be remiss not to celebrate their birthday in style with this inflatable crown; perfect for strutting about the house in. Be warned: side effects may also include their Royal Highnesses head becoming rather inflated too!  

Baby shower or hen do in lockdown? Personalise your own balloons and deck the halls fit for any occasion with this fab set! We recommended stringing them up as a banner or buying enough packs to fill a whole room and jump in like a make-shift ball pit! 

The key to socially distanced fun with your friends: games which require you to stand at least a metre away! In fact, challenge yourselves further by gradually increasing the distance and keep our favourite dickhead (BJ) a happy chappy.   

Lockdown with your family driven you mad? Put your madness to good use and come together to engage in some good old family fun with the classic party game: Charades. For once you don’t have to wrack your brains to think of your own! 

Really missing a proper pre-Covid night out? Quench your thirst by creating one in your own home and even have a go at being a bartender with this fun, cocktail inspired party game. It's sure to lift your spirits in lockdown! Alcohol is not essential but likely to enhance your enjoyment of this game and we’ve got just the thing… 

Upgrade from tinnies in the park this summer: no celebration would be complete without a bottle of bubbly (or five) to go with it! Forget cans in a field at Glastonbury or Pimms at Wimbledon, and who needs the pubs when you can have a leisurely drink in your own back garden and then fall straight into bed? Alcohol to your door, what more could you want? We may never leave the house again! 
Or else, stockpile these party must-haves and wait to go all out for a celebratory end of lockdown bash when it's fully lifted and all this is *finally* over! 
Shop our full range of gifts and party essentials online now including our exclusive range of alcohol, to have them delivered straight to your door. Or if you’re able to, venture out to browse one of our newly re-opened stores! 



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