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Oh, for the love of dogs... and cats!

Published date: 04/04/2019 11:15


We, as humans, don’t deserve pets sometimes, they love us unconditionally and are a joy to be around. It’s National Pet month during April which got us thinking about why our pets are so amazing.

Your Fitness

Pets keep us fit, whether it’s through walkies, playing fetch or roughhousing, your pet keeps you lean and mean. OK, maybe not mean. But if this isn’t a brilliant benefit, I don’t know what is.


Your Health

Pets have been known to increase your immune system, so when you don’t have that nasty cold or groggy sickness bug that’s going around you can thank your faithful hound for your clean bill of health.

Your Social Life

Pets can ease loneliness so cuddling up to your furry friend is a perfect way to make yourself feel better. Don’t forget, they’ll always love you unconditionally, even if your Tinder dates stood you up… again!

Your Home Security

There’s no better security than a barking dog or an attack cat! Burglars won’t know what’s coming when they get a glimpse of your pet chasing after them.

Your Best Life

Pets do all these amazing things that we didn’t even know about. So much so, they allow you to live your best life. Don’t forget to give them a big smooch and let them know how much you love them. Anyone who’s never owned a pet won’t understand our devotion, but the moment they bring one into their lives, they’ll get it and they’ll be signing their cards ‘lots of love Rik and Petal’.


Scribbler have launched a brand-new range of pet cards so that you can wish your little furry friend a happy birthday. Amongst that range, we also have new pet cards to welcome the fuzzy tyke into the family!


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