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Meet The Designers - Cadell Cruse

Published date: 05/04/2019 16:12


This week I'm chatting to Cadell Cruse, creator of some of Scribbler's freshest designs. She has designed some intriguing nautical inspired cards and we can't wait to find out what she's go to say.

Hi Cadell, it’s lovely to be chatting with you! We love your range; how did you get involved with Scribbler?

I met Scribbler’s buyer at a trade fair last June, he gave me some great advice and then we met again when I pitched to him a Dragon’s Den style event in February.

Oh brilliant, that sounds really cool. Do you have a background in design or did you find that it was something you just stumbled across?

I did a degree in Fine Art between 1999 and 2002 at UCA Canterbury, mainly using oil on canvas. I had a studio when I first finished University. I exhibited and sold some of my paintings, then I began my career as an art teacher and became a parent which made painting with smelly, messy, oil paints more difficult and that’s when I started drawing more.

It’s cool that you managed to find an alternative way to get creative! Your range takes a lot of inspiration from nautical objects, how did you come up this style of card?

I moved to Kent in 2010 to a small village a few miles inland from the coast and then a couple of years ago I moved to Dover. I spend a lot of time at the beach, it’s my favourite place to be. I’m fascinated by the harbour and watching the boats. I also love the sense of fun and nostalgia of old British seaside resorts like Margate. I really enjoy looking at the souvenirs, arcades and fair rides they give me a lot of inspiration for colours, fonts and patterns as well as objects that can be used in my designs.


The seaside must be such a special place to draw inspiration, speaking of which; are there any fellow designers/illustrators/artists that have inspired your work?

I’m inspired by American Photorealist painters Ralph Goings and Charles Bell who paint Americana objects such as pinball machines, bubble gum dispensers, doughnuts and ketchup bottles with shiny, glossy surfaces that evoke memories of childhood and happiness but also give objects their own character. There is also a local artist called Leigh Mulley who produces photorealist paintings of water pistols, dodgems and rubber rings, I love her paintings because they remind me of happy holidays in Dymchurch when I was a child and I now take my children to that same beach and fairground.

Photorealism is awesome, it’s so fascinating. One thing I’d love to know is what sort of materials do you use to create your designs?

My designs start as drawings produced in fine liner. I try to bring objects, animals, and people to life with bold, descriptive line drawings.

They really do come alive in your cards. With that said, what is your routine when creating cards? Do you go anywhere special or do you prefer to work in a creative space at home?

I get inspiration from the places I visit: the beach, the zoo, gardens and museums and take lots of photographs of things that catch my eye and that I feel will make a good design. At home I draw from the photographs creating illustrations in my sketchbook. Quite often I will just be sat on the sofa with my sketchbook on my lap but I do have a small home studio to work in. Finally, I use Photoshop to add colour, work on the layout and refine my drawings.


So, what has motivated you to design your own cards? And do you have any words of encouragement for other aspiring artists/designers?

I started designing and making my own cards when I was a teenager because I found it difficult to find anything that I liked to buy in shops and I just enjoyed making things that my friends and family would appreciate. I started designing my own cards for retail when I was on maternity leave 5 years ago. When my daughter slept, I would draw and watch YouTube videos to learn how to use Photoshop.

Don’t give up when you are knocked back, not everyone will like your work but some people will love it!

We’ve got a few quick-fire questions lined up:

What is your favourite animal/flower/tv show/ film?




Lost in Translation

What’s your favourite creative medium?

Fine liner on paper

Favourite type of music?

Anything I can sing along to.

What’s your favourite card from your Scribbler range?

Ahoy There

Thanks, Cadell! You can have a look at the rest of Cadell’s range right here.


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