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Face Behind the Cards - Lines Behind

Published date: 09/06/2020 14:59

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It’s the second in our Face Behind the Cards series, something we recently started to catch up and introduce you to some of our independent designers. 

This week we spoke to James from Lines Behind. Lines Behind are the guys behind designing unique, wit-filled and trendy cards. After working in a design agency for big brands such as LEGO and Disney, illustrator/designer James launched Lines Behind, and we wanted to know more about his inspirations, lockdown routine and of course his favourite takeaway. What else?! 

How did you get into designing cards? Was it something you always wanted to do?

I don't actually know!? Haha I did some for a local stockist a few years back and it kinda just grew from there and the demand becoming more and more!

What inspires your work?

I'd say trends as they happen and food - lots of food! 
I like customer satisfaction, I like the fact people share our work on social media.

What is your working process?

I like to get up early, (early as I can) make myself a nice Nespresso coffee with a pint of water and some fresh fruit and tackle my day as it is, I do work to goals and weekly targets.


Has lockdown changed how you work/your daily routine, if so how have you adapted?

I have 'liked' the test and I have managed to get a lot more done, I tried to add a fun factor to my cards and people love that!
I say as long as you get out for your daily exercise to clear the mind and be able to go again, you can be as creative as possible! I have found I've become more creative.

A lot of your cards revolve around food, but if you could only pick 1 fast food/take away for the rest of your life what would it be?

Hmmm, now that is a tough question, it's crazy because I haven't really been missing the restaurants that much (ha ha)! However for me it probs has to be a bloody good sushi and if I did have a second choice it's a no brainer - Nando's! Mmmm...

What's a recent TV binge / Netflix must see?

Great question! GANGS OF LONDON was an incredible watch on Sky.
As for Netflix - Queen Of The South was AMAZING - It's a MUST WATCH! As is Ricky Gervais After Life! 

What is the thing you’re most missing/looking forward to doing when life is back to normal? 

So many things! I'm quite an active/sporty person so even just bit of football with my mates, watching Newcastle United on a Saturday. Also being able to dive into a bar for a cold beer after a walk, I mean the list is endless! Everything we have taken for granted but as long as the world is safer for the better, I'm all for that. 


Thanks to James for answering our Q's, anyone else really fancy a Nando's now?..... Shop the full Lines Behind range here. 



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