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You did what…?!

Published date: 27/03/2019 10:08


Have you ever been on the receiving end of a prank? Or are you the court jester when it comes to taking the mickey? With April Fool’s Day almost upon us and Scribbler have some corkers for you to send your friends and family and give them the fright of their lives!

There’s nothing better than terrifying your Dad with the thought of the pitter patter of tiny feet! Give your Dad this prank card of all prank cards and watch his jaw drop to the floor.

The initial part of this card is such a nice message and then... bam! Jesus thinks you’re a twat! Raise an eyebrow with this awesome card and have their side splitting with laughter.

This Scribbler card is perfect for anyone who loves a glass of wine but prefers not to count! Make sure you film the look on their face when they read this card.

This hilarious Scribbler card looks like a nice card at a glance. And then you realise exactly what it means.

I bet they thought they were going to get a night of naughty fun when they first read this card, now they'll have to settle for a nice cup of tea!

Let your Mum know that despite birthing you, you weren't 100% sure so you got a DNA test from the one and only Jeremy Kyle. Show your Mum those countless mornings being a couch potato weren't for nought when she sees this card.

Take a look at Scribbler's most hilarious cards right here. Oh, and don't forget to comment below with the best pranks you've ever pulled.


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