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Say no to bog-standard and boring, spit in the face of traditional and get ready to usher in a new era of greetings cards. Scribbler is proud to be home to the rudest and funniest cards around and you can find our entire collection right here, so you don’t miss a thing! Browse hundreds of unique designs for every possible occasion and find that perfect card to surprise and delight the one you love.

This selection includes our Birthday, Anniversary and Thinking of You cards, as well as seasonal must-haves like Christmas and Valentine’s Day designs. Find a card for everyone you know, with designs suitable for your partner, children, parents and friends to enjoy. Stay ahead of the curve and shop our newest trending cards inspired by the latest in TV & film and celebrity culture, or really make them feel special with a personalised Add A Name or Add A Photo design. The choice is yours!

Has someone got to turn their hearing aid on? If you know someone a little hard of hearing this Do Something David card will be perfect for them!

I Said Six In The Lounge

Who else thinks this kind of looks like a Christmas tree?! Make it a white Christmas no matter the weather forecast with this cheeky Scribbler card.

Santa Sack

There's always one. Pray that Brian has a lucky cracker friend in there with him and make someone laugh with this crude Christmas card by Tillovision.

Pulling Yourself

Presents aren't everything at Christmas and that's probably a good job because they certainly won't be receiving any! Make them laugh and shatter their dreams with this Scribbler Christmas card.

Fuck All Express

Said every person ever whilst doing the annual festive ritual of untangling the Christmas tree lights. Convey a whole mood with this rude Scribbler design.

Fuck Christmas

Send everyone's favourite Tiger King, Joe Exotic to wish them a roaring grrreat Christmas with this fun card by Nichola Cowdery.

Have A Bitchin Christmas

Got a Gordon Ramsey type coming for Christmas? Then this hilarious Pedges Houseboat card is perfect for them.

Have A Fucking Raw Christmas

Send this Elf inspired Scribbler card to a Ninnymuggins as na?ve and innocent as Buddy and make sure they're not sitting on a throne of lies this Christmas.

Christmas Peep Show

Add A Photo
Give them something that will make them laugh this Christmas with this personalised photo upload Scribbler card.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Bitch

Add A Name
Cause a festive explosion and end Christmas with a bag! Add a name and send this personalised Scribbler design to a lucky someone.

The Only Cracker

Wish a Tik Tok addict a Wappy Christmas with this funny design by Scribbler.

There's Some Ho Ho Hoes

Add A Name
Distract a human hoover long enough with this personalised Scribbler card so you can get to the Christmas pudding before them.

Christmas Pudding

You mean on top of everything else, I need to make Christmas magical??! A This Mama Does card for someone who's *just* keeping it together.

Magical Christmas

Add A Photo
Feeling like you want a kinky Christmas this year? Send this photo upload personalised Scribbler Christmas card to your man so he knows the drill.

Only Man I Want

We all had so many hopes and dreams for 2020 and that's all turned to shit! Know someone like Jeremy from Peep Show? Then they'd appreciate this hilarious New Years card by Pedges Houseboat.

Everything's Turned From Gold To Shit

Get into the spirit of Christmas with inappropriate lamb and donkey humping that'll really give them a giggle. Designed by Buddy Fernandez.

Crikey Read The Room

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