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Celebrity Christmas Cards

Spend Christmas amongst the Stars with some of our best punny designs. What better way to show a loved one you care than to send them a Christmas card featuring their favourite celebrity, or better yet, one they love to hate! From musicians and drag queens, to politicians and the son of God himself, we’ve gathered a collection of famous faces to help you celebrate the season and put a smile on everyone’s face. While you’re at it, take a look at our other popular Christmas themes: animal, food & drink and film & TV inspired cards.

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Rude Cards?
Where's My Hoes At?, Christmas card by Scribbler. If Snoop Dogg was Santa, then would Christmas be held on 420 ? Food for thought. Send this card to wish your favourite ho a Happy Christmas.

Where's My Hoes At?

Birthday Jesus. Christmas Card by KissMeKwik.Celebrate in style with the absolute legend, Jesus Christ, on his birthday.

Birthday Jesus

This Scribbler card is perfect to any person who's aware of our political climate! Wish them a strong and stable Christmas.

Strong And Stable Christmas

All About Me. Christmas Card by KissMeKwik.Celebrate with the absolute legend Jesus Christ on his holy birthday.

All About Me

DNA Results. Christmas Card by KissMeKwik. Joseph and the Virgin Mary go on a talk show, resulting in some surprising DNA results.

Dna Results

Come through sis! Name your Drag Race loving sister Top Queen of the day and wish her a sickening Christmas extravaganza with this RuPaul inspired Scribbler card.

You Sleigh Sister

This seasonal card by Scribbler is perfect to give an Ed Sheeran fan some love this Christmas. The resemblance really is uncanny.

Gingerbread Sheeran

This is one for the many, especially if they love a bit of J-Corbz in their lives! Send this Scribbler card is perfect for any Labour supporter.

Merry Corbmas

Rudolph's Drag Race by Scribbler. This year's runway theme is Christmas Extravaganza Eleganza. St. Nick, the time has come for you to deliver all of our presents. Good Luck, and don't fuck it up!

Rudolph's Drag Race

Unbelievable Jeff, Pedges Houseboat have created this genius Chris Kamara Christmas card for your entertainment!

Unbelievable Christmas

Send sack fulls of ho ho ho's with this funny, Cardi B inspired Christmas card and tell your Nan this is what WAP stands for! Designed by Scribbler.

Going To Give You A Wap

This Dean Morris card is perfect for anyone who celebrates their birthday on Christmas.

Birthday Christmas

Treat a music lover to some Stardust this Christmas with a Scribbler card that'll have everyone in the house boogying!

Ziggy Pudding

Are We Dancer. Christmas Card by KissMeKwik. Everyone loves a bit of silly dancing, especially if the dancers are in reindeer suits!

Are We Dancer

Hopefully those Christmas Trees haven't taken all the presents and lights with them! Wish someone a Merry Christmas with this Whale And Bird card.

Run Forest Run

She came in like a wrecking ball! Send this silly Scribbler card to a massive Miley fan.

Deck The Halls

Pity the brother that doesn't buy you a nice Christmas present! Let him know you can make him disappear with this funny Mr T inspired card by Scribbler.

Better Buy Me A Present

Bono arriving in Africa to let them know it's Christmas, only to be greeted by Inland Revenue and a crying, detained Bob Geldof, as requested by Chris Adamson. Jim'll Paint It design by Lesser Spotted Images.

Geldof Xmas

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