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Lucy Maggie Designs Cards

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Pass the finest French wine. Hand over the fanciest crystal wine glass. It's time to celebrate your besties birthday with this adorable card featuring a charming illustrated French frog who may or may not turn into a prince. Showing the text 'Ooh la la it's your birthday'

French Frog Card

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I Do Believe it's Your (besties) Birthday! Celebrate with the popular icon - especially amongst the LGBTQ+ communities - that is Cher, and get the party started for this year's birthdays.

Cher Card

As the song goes: 18 years, 18 years, she got one of yo kids, got you for 18 years. But we aint sayin she a gold digger! New baby design by Lucy Maggie.

Expensive Shag Card

Another year older, another year wiser? I guess we'll see! A perfect Lucy Maggie card for someone's birthday bash.

Shake Your Tits Card

This funny maternity leave card is perfect for giving to your favourite friend or co-worker as they embark on their next adventure with a new baby. Your colleague won't have to do 9am work calls, oh no, there's something much worse! Sleep is a thing of the past with a newborn. Features a tired-looking alarm clock and the time reading 4am.

9am Meetings Card

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Time to commiserate - sorry, celebrate - your friend or family member hitting that big age milestone. Now they're turning 50! Send them this funny birthday card to mark the death of their 40s. Hopefully they don't take it the wrong way!

Condolences 50s Card

Love running deeper for your partner than for your love of complicated carbs? Show your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or significant other how much you care about this with this adorable illustrated valentines and anniversary card, featuring a cat loaf. Because cats and bread. What is not to love?

Loaf You Card

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This funny Barbie movie birthday card features Ken in his I am Kenough hoody and iconic hairband with the text 'Sending you Birthday Kenergy'

Birthday Kenergy Card

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This birthday card featuring a whole host of colourful cats is perfect for that genuine cat lover in your life. Cat enthusiasts will not be able to get enough of this bright and colourful card design - show your bestie just how well you understand their cat obsession with this illustrated beauty of a card design.

Birthday Wishes Card

Treat them to this brilliant Anniversary card by Lucy Maggie Designs and make their day!

Over The Moon Card

Hey, we're all making it up as we go along. As long as you don't drop the baby, you'll be fine! Send this vote of confidence to a couple of Parents-To-Be. Designed by Lucy Maggie.

Questionable Parents Card

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This cute ladybird card is a sweet way of showing that special someone how much you love them this Valentine's Day. This ladybird is happy faced and surrounded by hearts, with the simple pun beneath it: 'To my love bug'.

Love Bug Card

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Calling all astrologers, this Zodiac birthday card celebrates the Libra season and features a beautiful white cat holding balancing scales, to show how Libra's fixate on balance and harmony.

Libra Card

This funny new job card features a diplodocus dinosaur surrounded by clouds, wearing lots of ties for his first day on the new job, complete with briefcase. Send congratulations with this cute illustrated card.

New Job Dino Card

Have you been a bit of a lemon? Do you need to apologise to your friends or family with this funny sorry card to show you no longer a bitter lemon? Then this is the greeting card for you. Featuring a cute illustrated lemon fruit character looking like a bit of an idiot, and the text, 'Sorry for being a lemon'. We all do stupid things once in a while, it happens. Thankfully, we have a card for that.

Lemon Card

Ok so your Mum doesn't really have any competition but you've kindly taken the Sophie's Choice out of her hands for choosing favourite child with this cute Mother's Day card. Designed by Lucy Maggie.

Favourite Mum Card

Parties are sometimes worth sacrificing the precious mid-day nap--the perfect card to celebrate your friend's upcoming birthday parties.

Sacrificed A Nap Card

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Calling all astrologers, this birthday card celebrates the Gemini season and features twin cats who are charismatic, smart, extroverted and witty by nature, just like your Gemini best friend.

Gemini Card

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This funny gaming king father's day card is perfect for the fifa, xbox or nintendo fan out there. If dad always beats you on the games console, this is the one for him!

Gaming King Card

In the words of the #iconic #Moss from the IT Crowd (and celebrating the fantastic acting of comedian #Richard #Ayoade), 'Happy Mother #Flippin' Birthday! If you have a #mate that's a fan of this #classic #tv #series, then this funny card is the perfect way for you to help them #celebrate their birthday. #theITcrowd #funny #birthdaycard #birthdaycarddesign #celebrity

Moss Birthday Card

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