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Lucy Maggie Cards

Rude Content?
If the only pet your dad let you have as a kid was a rock then this is the Father's Day card for you! Designed by Lucy Maggie.

Dad You Rock Card

Give some encourage-mint to a really cool person with this Lucy Maggie card.

Pretty Bloody Mint Card

The party don't start til the felines walk in! Who wants balloons when you can have furballs? Send this Lucy Maggie birthday card to someone who would 100% agree.

Birthday Cats Card

Two eggplants is better than one! Congratulate a newly wed LGBTQ+ couple with this funny Wedding card by Lucy Maggie.

Mr And Mr Card

Hooray, the cays are getting married! Say congratulations on their engagement with this cute Lucy Maggie card.

Congrats You Gays Card

They're on fire! Let a loved one know they're the absolute bomb with this Lucy Maggie card that's perfect for saying congrats.

Dynamite Card

Give your sweetie a giant squeeze via this cute Lucy Maggie card.

Jelly Tots Card

Send your Mum this frankly, pretty grim Mother's Day card to remind her exactly what she DIDN'T think she'd be doing with her life when she was still young and full of hope. Designed by Lucy Maggie.

Chief Nit Exterminator Card

You're old enough to know by now, these drinks should NOT mix. They're a bad influence on each other! Be a terrible influence and send this Lucy Maggie birthday card.

Let's Get Off Our Tits Card

Maura is that you? If you hear this in a thick Irish acent, send this rude Lucy Maggie Anniversary card to make your Love Island watching partner laugh.

Fanny Flutter Card

Nothing says Happy Birthday quite like a balloon penis, am I right? Send this cheeky Lucy Maggie design to someone who's never growing up.

Definitely Not Wiser Card

Ok so your Mum doesn't really have any competition but you've kindly taken the Sophie's Choice out of her hands for choosing favourite child with this cute Mother's Day card. Designed by Lucy Maggie.

Favourite Mum Card

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