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Funny Valentine's Cards

Ha-ha-happy Valentine’s Day! Try your luck at laughing them into bed with one of our hilariously funny Valentine’s cards. From sarcasm, puns and thinly veiled insults, woo your crush by sending some PG humour or treat your other half to a cheeky innuendo. Inject some comedy with TV & film inspired designs or browse our rude Valentine’s cards to make them blush with something a little more risqué!

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Rude Cards?
Send birthday / anniversary wishes to some one who's your type on paper with this Love Island themed card!

My Type On Paper

Perfect card for a loved one. Say it like it is! OOF!

I Like Your Bangers

A cute buy very cheeky card for your loved one.

Eating You

Not to sound cheesy, but you guys are really gouda together! Make your partner melt and show them you brie-long together with this Sribbler Valentine's card.

Cheesy Love Card

These so many reasons you love them, they buy the pizza, spell you're correctly but most importantly they have a cute ass! Show why you love them with this awesome Valentine's card by Scribbler. Also perfect for an anniversary.

Reasons I Love You

Add A Name
You want the moon? Just say the word and I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down! A personalised Valentine's card for someone you'd gladly give the moon to. Designed by Scribbler.

Love You To The Moon And Back

Well, I guess there's nothing else to say really. Don't beat about the bush, send this Dean Morris card now.

Suck My Dick

Send this nice pair of buns to your wonton and only on Valentine's day. Designed by Scribbler.

How About We Dim-Sum Lights

Duunn dunnn... duuunnn duun! Try adding an element of danger into the bedroom by singing the Jaws theme song and see how your partner reacts. Valentine's design by Scribbler.

Can't Wait To Taste You

True love is them wiping for you after youre done. A card designed by Jeffrey & Janice.

Going For A Poo

A cute but very naughty card for your loved one.

Sausage And Mash

Anyone who doesn't know emoji's might not get this Valentine's card by Scribbler, but to anyone who does, it's perfect to send to your partner!

Emoji Text Wanna Fuck

They're gonna destroy your ring! Send your precious this hilarious card by Scribbler.

You Are My Precious

Funny cheeky card perfect for an anniversary, valentines day, sending a smile or just positive funny vibes.     Send noods. Noodles!

Send Noods!

Someone this damn sexy certainly deserves a Valentine's Card. Just who will you send it too?

I Love You You Sexy Beast

Nothing screams love like putting up with a snoring partner! Send this Quite Good card and let them know how you feel.

I'm Not Snoring

Send a Mean Girl this hilarious Valentine's card by Scribbler and let them know what a big fat lesbian crush you have on them!

Big Fat Lesbian Crush

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