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Trending Valentine's Cards

Hot, hot, hot off the press! Whatever they’re loving right now, we’ve probably got a brand spanking new trending card inspired by it – or else we’re designing it as we speak! Take a dive into meme & pop culture and really make your loved one feel special with a Valentine’s card that’s oh so current and relatable. Our hilarious 2021 trending designs feature everything that has consumed your brain this year, including Valentine’s Day cards inspired by TV & film, celebrities and politics.

The question is, are you pleased to see them or did you just put a canoe in your pocket? Send Lord Flashheart to seduce someone on your behalf with this Blackadder inspired card by Middle Mouse.


Send this funny Lucy Maggie card to the coolest person you know and they'll be buzzing to receive the compliment.

You Are So Fly

Are they the milk to your cookies? The barnacle to your boat? Then send this adorable Whale And Bird card on Valentine's Day.

Gin To My Tonic

See something you like? Show your primal instinct with this romantic card for your other half. Designed by Jolly Awesome.


Let your partner in crime know that their love sustains you, much like oatmeal, with this Brooklyn Nine Nine inspired card. Name a better duo, we'll wait. Valentine's design by Scribbler.

You Aren't Some Common Bitch

Let someone know how perfect you are together just like Bob Ross and trees with this cute Brainbox Candy.

Bob Ross & Trees

Like two peas in pod, they simply make you melt! Send this magical Valentine's design by Pango Productions.

You Turn Me To Mush

If you don't feel like playing it cool then lay it on thick and let someone know just how AMAZING you think they are with this Whale & Bird design.

Nicest Human Ever

Why not share the love this Valentine's card by Jolly Awesome?

Love Pug

True love is them wiping for you after youre done. A card designed by Jeffrey & Janice.

Going For A Poo

You're cuter than Baby Yoda which must make you the cutest thing in the god damn universe. Designed by The Grey Earl.

Yoda Cutest

This is bloody disgusting and you definitely know someone who'll appreciate this brand of humour. We'll take the lentil thanks. Designed by Scribbler.

Fifty Pound Lentil

You two go together like sushi and soy sauce: a match made in heaven! Valentine's design by Whale & Bird.

You're My Soy Mate

Well of course but either way youre gonna end up with a belly ache or a massive headache. A card designed by Jeffrey & Janice.

Full Of Wine

These ghosties definitely won't give you a fright on Halloween! Send this paranormal Jelly Armchair card before these boo bees come to haunt you!

Boo Bees

Fish finger, anyone? Perfect for any Nigella fan, send this sensual, cooking queen to seduce a loved one with this cheeky Scribbler design.

Enter Your Pleasure Palace

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