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Food & Drink Christmas Cards

Feed the world: let them know it’s Christmas time! If all they want for Christmas is food (glorious food), browse our spread of punny designs and send a card to a loved one featuring their all-time favourite festive foods. What’s Christmas without a drink or ten? Get the holiday party started and send a boozy Christmas card to an adult who lives for mulled wine, or anything containing alcohol. Time to eat drink and be merry! While you’re at it, take a look at our other popular Christmas themes: animal, celebrity and film & TV inspired cards.

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Rude Cards?
This sassy little sausage loves a cocktail! The perfect card for wiener loving cocktail drinkers. Designed by Charli Tait.

Cocktail Sausage

Spread peas and love to your healthiest friend at Christmas with this design by Scribbler.

Peas On Earth

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Give them a big festive thanks for putting up with you all year long with this personalised Christmas pudding design by Scribbler.

Pudding Up With

Merry Crispmas. Christmas Card by KissMeKwik. This one's for all the people wishing for a crispy Christmas.

Merry Crispmas

Everyone's looking forward to Christmas dinner, right?! Of course you are! Get this Cardinky card for a good friend or family member this Christmas and remind them of the excitment to come.


Send this Whale And Bird card to someone who loves avocados and puns!

Here's Your Avocardo

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Where would you brie without this person? Give them a gouda laugh at Christmas with this cheese lovers personalised card by Scribbler.

Un Brie Lievable Christmas

Jesus in a Pret A Manger nativity scene with - is that Stephen Fry?! As requested by Pete Redfern. Jim'll Paint It Christmas design by Lesser Spotted Images.

Xmas Pret

Holidays are coming! Mad Max protecting the Coca Cola Christmas truck from assault by competing soft drink providers, as requested by Jamie Baynham. Jim'll Paint It design by Lesser Spotted Images.

Mad Max Cola

Not asking for much are we?! Praying for Santa to pull through and keep the pubs open with this funny, lockdown inspired Christmas card by Scribbler.

A Drink After 10Pm

Like a cheesy pun? It doesn't get cheesier than this gouda Christmas card by the grate Doodles From My Brain!

Swiss You A Merry Christmas

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You don't need to tell me twice! Add a name and a treat a fellow Bailey's lover to this boozy personalised Christmas card by Scribbler.

Whack Out

It's Christmas pudding all round this year with this sweet Christmas card by Lucilla Lavender.

Happy Christmas Pudding

Salt and pepper or is it just some season's greetings? Get it? We love this Scribbler card, send this to loved ones and friends this Christmas.

Season's Greetings

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If you have a shared love of pigs in blankets, add a name and make them drool with this personalised Christmas card by Scribbler.

Christmas Little Piggy

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Distract a human hoover long enough with this personalised Scribbler card so you can get to the Christmas pudding before them.

Christmas Pudding

Give this Scribbler card to a Mum who's already totally over it and hopefully she'll be laughing through the tears this Christmas.

Christmas Dinner Mum

Various iconic Christmas film characters having Christmas dinner together whilst John McClane solemnly watches through the window, as requested by Benjamin Allen. Jim'll Paint It design by Lesser Spotted Images.

A Lovely Christmas Dinner

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