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Christmas Cards For Sister

Whether you like it or not, better do what your mum says and send your sister a Christmas card – even if it’s solely just to remind her that she’s the inferior sibling. Find a funny, cute or rude design that’s just as unique as her! Is she in love with the Kardashians, or addicted to gin? Why not check out our celebrity or food & drink inspired Christmas cards. While you’re here, don’t forget to spread Christmas cheer to all your loved ones and browse Christmas cards for your gran!

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Rude Cards?
Come through sis! Name your Drag Race loving sister Top Queen of the day and wish her a sickening Christmas extravaganza with this RuPaul inspired Scribbler card.

You Sleigh Sister

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When you just can't stop eating Christmas food... Add a name and send Arnold Schwarzenegger to save the day with this Jingle All The Way inspired personalised card by Scribbler.

Put The Cookie Down

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Give them a big festive thanks for putting up with you all year long with this personalised Christmas pudding design by Scribbler.

Pudding Up With

You steal her clothes all year (shhh), the least you can do is buy your sister this Christmas card by Scribbler.

Sister Christmas Pie Chart

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Personalise this snowy design and wish a warm, festive greeting to someone special at Christmas. Designed by Scribbler.

Merry Christmas

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Add a name and send this personalised Scribbler card to shame someone whose eyes are always bigger than their stomach at Christmas.

Christmas Moan

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Leave your calling card and steal the show this Christmas by personalising this Home Alone inspired Scribbler design to send to your favourite filthy animal.

Christmas Bandit

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It's the leaning tower of Christmas! Add a name and send this personalised Scribbler card to a loved one.

Merry Christmas

Wish a very Merry Christmas to your very special sister with this JellynBean card because you forgot to get her a present!

Special Sister

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Be sure to let a relative know that this Christmas card was not purchased of your own free will. You did make an effort to personalise it though! Designed by Scribbler.

Christmas Pie

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Doesn't get more straightforward than this. Send this hilariously blunt personalised Christmas card to make them laugh on the big day. Designed by Scribbler.

Have A Christmas

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You don't need to tell me twice! Add a name and a treat a fellow Bailey's lover to this boozy personalised Christmas card by Scribbler.

Whack Out

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If they love Brooklyn Nine Nine then there's no doubt they must be cool cool cool enough to deserve this Christmas card. Personalised design by Scribbler.

Have A Noice Christmas

Yes but do you know who else would really like that? ME. Shopping for yourself is so much easier and your sis can always borrow it when you're done! Christmas design by Scribbler.

Sister We Are So Alike

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We reckon this sweet personalised card will be right up your friend's street this Christmas! Designed by Scribbler.

Quality Christmas

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Name a Drag Race fan Top Queen of the day and wish them a sickening Christmas extravaganza with this personalised Scribbler card, inspired by RuPaul.

Shantay You Sleigh

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Add a name and congratulate someone for being important enough to make the Christmas card list and receive this personalised Scribbler card.

Made The Christmas List

Even if you're grown up and the Santa threat days are well behind you, there's something about Christmas that always takes you back to childhood squabbles. Remind a sibling of the good ol' days with this How Funny design.

Telling Santa

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