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New Home Cards

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Our selection of unique and hilarious new home cards, that’s what! We know there’s no place like home, so congratulate your loved ones on moving into their new place with a cute or funny design that’ll decorate it nicely. Celebrate a couple buying their first house or let a friend know you’ll be over asap for the housewarming. If their furry family members are coming too, you can even send an animal themed design!
Sick of staring at the same four walls? Us too! Congratulate them on an upgrade and much needed change of scenery with this funny new home card by Scribbler.

Lockdown Location Upgrade

Ever spent 15 minutes looking for something that was right in front of your face. This Lucilla Lavender card illustrates your frustrations perfectly!

I Can't See The Jam

The win makes them forget about the mess until they trip over it in the morning trying to get to the paracetamol cupboard. A card designed by Jeffrey & Janice.

Friends Care About Wine

As if peacocks weren't fabulous enough. Tattersfield designs had to go and make them even better with this card.

Peacock With Flowers

Get ready for a Zoom housewarming with an MTV welcome to my crib style house tour! Send congrats on the new home with this Scribbler card and maybe one day you'll get to see the real thing.

Congrats On The New Home

Keep Calm Home, New Home Card by Bluebell 33. It's really true that home is where the heart is, and they've just moved both. A homely card to get them exited about their new home!

Keep Calm Home

Welcome them to their brand-new home with this cute Sadler Jones card.

New Home

This Whale And Bird card is perfect to send to welcome your friends to their new home.


Make sure you knock before you enter and always let them know you're coming around; you don't want to walk in on something questionable! Say congrats to the new home with this hilarious Jeffrey and Janice card.

Congrats On Your New Shag Pad

Nothing says welcome home like house plants and a furry friend! If this is their dream situ, they'll be all over this Pearl Ivy new home card.

New Home

Does your friend have plants on the brain? Then send them this brilliant card by Seventy Tree for East End Prints.

Swiss Cheese Plant

A bright coloured card perfect for any occasion designed by Tattersfield designs.

Bright Blooms With Poppy

Congrats on moving but more importantly, be a doll and bring me back some meatballs would ya? New home design by Scribbler.

Congrats On the New Place

Don't turn up to the house warming empty handed! Mark the occasion with this contemporary Graphic Factory design.

Happy New Home

Send warm wishes to someone starting a new chapter in their life! Congratulate them on their new home with this Whale & Bird design.

Happy New Home

Shit just got real. Welcome them to their brand-new home with this hilarious Whale And Bird card.

New Pad!

This optical illusion by Tattersfield Designs will make you question whether this is a cat of a tiger.

Tiger Cat

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