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Bon Voyage Cards


Rude Cards?
Who can say no to those legs? Send off a colleague in full dramatic fashion with this theatrical, Queen inspired leaving card by Scribbler.

You Want To Break Free Card

It's bean great, but it's time to say peas out with this Scribbler card.

Peas-Out Card

Congratulate someone on a new job by letting them know that they will not be missed. A card designed by Quite Good Cards.

We Won't Miss You Card

This New Job card by Scribbler is perfect to send to someone who's leaving, especially if they're switching jobs or starting their own business.

Good Bye Card

Off you pop then! Shake your maracas and have a fiesta because they're finally leaving! Designed by Scribbler.

Adios Amigo Card

Fuck right off then, how dare you leave us?! Such a dick move. Leaving design by Scribbler.

Bye Then Dickhead Card

Say farewell to a friend or colleague with this cute alligator Bon Voyage card!  Designed by Jess Moorhouse

See Ya Later Alligator Card

Send your love to the person Leaving Work or the country with this great Two Little Monkeys card.

Sorry Card

Adventure is waiting! And this Bon Voyage card by 83 Oranges at East End Prints captures that perfectly.

Mountain View Card

Aw, you thought you made an impression? That's sweet! Who are you again? Leaving design by Scribbler.

No One Will Miss You Card

Bon Voyage Ship, by Scribbler. They're sailing away to somewhere exotic so why not bid them a proper farewell with this Bon Voyage card.

Bon Voyage Ship Card

Let a colleague know you couldn't give a flying fuck that they're leaving - honestly! Designed by Scribbler.

Off You Fuck Card

Thought they'd gotten away with it? Not a chance! Take this golden opportunity to take the piss out of your colleague one final time. Designed by Scribbler.

Warm Cup Of Piss Card

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