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Political Birthday Cards

The results are in and it looks like they’re another year older! What better way to show a loved one they’re in poll position than to send a funny birthday card featuring their favourite politician (if there is such a thing), or more likely, one they love to hate! We’re looking at you, Trump and Boris cards… Whether they’re feeling sore about Brexit or Lockdown, at least they can still laugh about it with a irreverently political design! While you’re at it, take a look at our other popular birthday themes: celebrityfood & drink and film & TV inspired cards.

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Just do the opposite of what Donald Trump would do and your birthday will be great! A personalised card designed by Tache

Birthday Great Again

Kim Jong-Un surfing a giant, golden wave of Donald Trump's hair in his underpants, as requested by Robin Hayles. Explosive Jim'll Paint It design by Lesser Spotted Images.


What could cheer someone up more than Boris swooping in on a bike to save the day, disheveled as ever? We're in good hands! Designed by Quite Good Cards.

Boris Bike

Phew, all our problems are solved! Instead of being in debt to ASOS for a pair of jeans, you can now be in debt for having your leg amputated. That's democracy folks! Designed by Scribbler.

Take Klarna

Another classic celebrity pun from Quite Good Cards; it could have been worse Trump also rhymes with dump...

Donald Lump

How did it come to this? How did both of them manage it! Send this hilarious Scribbler card inspired by a remark of Dumb and Dumber featuring Boris and Donald!

Dumb And Dumber

Maybe you're the running joke of the family for your general cluelessness? Prove them all wrong with this self-depreciating birthday card by Dean Morris.

I'm Completely Clueless

Takes one to know one! Gift this card to a fellow tumbling dickweed. Designed by Brainbox Candy.

Tumbling Dickweed

And we've heard he's cheap too. Whatever you do, don't send this to someone who's scared of clowns, they'll be absolutely terrified! Birthday design by The Grey Earl.

First Class Clown

At least when all this blows over we'll be able to get through it with good old breakfast tea. For someone who has a classic cuppa in any situation, by Poet & Painter.

English Brexit Tea

Considering all of Boris Johnson's other views, this one is probably the most accuate! Send this Scribbler card to any brexiteer and they'll love it.

My Policy On Cake

Make their birthday dreams come true by sending the gift of Bo Jo straddling a double decker. What a majestic sight to behold! Designed by The Grey Earl.

Pressie On Its Way

Two words: Hog Body. Trump, Pence and William Pryor on Drag Race with Obama as RuPaul telling them to sashay away, as requested by Adam Godding. Jim'll Paint It design by Lesser Spotted Images.

Trump Drag Race

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