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Tattersfield Designs Cards

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Rude Cards?
Say "thanks a bunch" in style with this floral card by Tattersfield Designs


Know someone who's as sassy and unique as this cockatoo? Show them they're the life of the party with this card by Tattersfield Designs.


Venture down the rabbit hole with this card by Tattersfield designs and your recipient will be all-ears to hear from you.


Polly want a cracker? Perhaps Polly's feeling a little psychadelic instead. Designed by Tattersfield designs.

Blue Parrot

A bright coloured card perfect for any occasion designed by Tattersfield designs.

Bright Blooms With Poppy

A gorgeous card with the big cat sported on the front designed by Tattersfield cards.


This magestic Blue Jay by Tattersfield Designs is a sure-fire way to brighten someones day.

Blue Jay

There are some occasions when a tweet just won't cut it. Swoop in with this vibrant card (and over 280 characters) by Tattersfield Designs.

Swooping Bird

As if peacocks weren't fabulous enough. Tattersfield designs had to go and make them even better with this card.

Peacock With Flowers

Spot the leopard on this mesmerising card designed by Tattersfield cards.


A beautifully designed card perfect for a romantic occasion or just putting up for decoration. Designed by Tattersfield designs.

Bright Blooms

An owl can look in all directions and this card is perfect for all occasions! Designed by Tattersfield cards.

Snowy Owl

Don't stare at this for too long you might get lost in the fabulousness. Designed by Tattersfield designs.


Just a blooming great card for all occasions by Tattersfield Designs.

Blooms In A Basket

Gotta get that nut with this card designed by Tattersfield designs.

Red Squirrel

Posed to fly right off the card, send your loved-one this colourful songbird by Tattersfield Designs.

Flying Bird

This optical illusion by Tattersfield Designs will make you question whether this is a cat of a tiger.

Tiger Cat

A beautiful card with man's best friend looking stunning as ever designed by Tattersfield cards.


This bird of prey has never looked so cute. You might just want to take him home with you! Designed by Tattersfield Designs.

Grey Falcon

This Eagle is staring deep into your soul. Designed by Tattersfield designs.

Golden Eagel

If you can't afford to buy that special someone a pot of gold, why not send them the whole rainbow instead? Designed by Tattersfield cards.

Painted Patchwork

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