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Sarah Long Illustrates

swearing is always so much fancier in french.   Send some love and support when its all gone tits up for your friends. designed by Sarah Long Illustrates.... whose always swearing in a posh way.

Oh Shit - In Fancy French Card

Sweet or sour - A birthday card for candy lovers or a card for that annoying sister..... you decide.  Designed by Sarah Long Illustrates

Hope Your Birthday Sucks

A sweet birthday card to send to everyone who brings the light, young or old.  Designed by Sarah Long Illustrates

Happy Birthday Sunshine

Who wouldn't want to dive into cake? Send this fab illustration to all the cake lovers you know on their birthday.  Designed by Sarah Long Illustrates, she knows how to have a good time.

Birthday Cake Swimming Card

Well done, congrats, amazing news, you did it, fuck yeah! send this massive pat-on-the-back design, by Sarah Long Illustrates, to everyone.

Fuck Yeah Card

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