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Matt Joyce illustration

Spread some festive cheer to friends and family.

Eat, Drink And Be Murray

Another year has passed! It's your birthday - yay!

Another Trip Around The Sun

Send a cheeky valentines to your partner or maybe your secret crush.

Nice Buns

Let's remember the true meaning of Christmas, no not presents!!   ...  No not food either?!

Happy Birthday Jesus

Congratulations on your new baby, this depiction is not how babies are made!

This Is Not Factually Accurate

Wish someone special a Happy Birthday from this toothy chap.

Snappy Birthday

Make it clear that we are really here for the Christmas food.

All I Want For Christmas

Sorry to hear you're leaving or perhaps good riddance? Either way, see ya later!

See Ya Later

Cheeky/rude Christmas card featuring everyone's favorite reindeer Rudolph!


It's your birthday! Look who has a special message for you...

Birthday Bear

It's like, your birthday maaaaan, so like happy returns and stuff.

Birthday Dude!

Say thank you to someone with this cute bird.

Thank You

The birthday bear loves birthdays! Look how happy he is on your special day...

Birthday Bear

Send some good vibes to those people who matter to you.

You Mean The World

It's Christmas, time to splurge on all the things! Treat yourself.

Tree Yourself

It's time to celebrate, time to party!

Party Gulls

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