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Chloe Langer Cards

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Rude Cards?
We were finding it hard to visualise Justin Bieber dusting, until we saw this awesome Chloe Langer card. Who knew he's look so good in a maid's uniform?

Dustin Bieber

Mickey Bubbles has found a better use for his name with this silly card by Chloe Langer.

Michael Booble

For anyone who's seen the fabulous Queer Eye, the Fab Five have had a makeover themselves in this awesome Chloe Langer card!

Fab Five

Tom has really let himself go! To be fair, big is beautiful and it doesn't get more beautiful in this Chloe Langer card!

Tom Lardy

Anyone who spends their spare time sippin' coffee like a boss with understand this brilliant Chloe Langer card.

Ariana Venti

Know someone who lives for the weekend? Then this Chloe Langer card is perfect for them.

The Weekdy

We'd probably leave Post Malone home alone! Send his number one fan this brilliant Chloe Langer card and put a smile on their face.

Home Malone

We didn't realise Albert Einstein was such a hunk! Send this brilliant Chloe Langer card to someone who appreciates the finer things in life.

Albert Finestein

We're mesmerised by this Chloe Langer card. Well almost, minus those tan lines!

Tanning Tatum

The first Noel you think of, right? (Sorry Gallagher? And Edmonds!) Send this silly Chloe Langer card to a quirky character at Christmas.

Noel Fielding

We'd didn't think Selena Gomez would look as cute as she does in this silly Chloe Langer card.

Selma Gnomez

The perfect card for a Riverdale obsessed friend! Present them with Jughead Jones on a platter this Christmas. Designed by Chloe Langer.

Cole Sprouts

What more could you want for Christmas than the Hollywood legend that is Jeff Goldblum? Five of him, in gold, of course! Designed by Chloe Langer.

Five Gold Blums

Why Chris, what shiny balls you have! If this Chloe Langer design is someone's idea of a dream Christmas tree, then this is the card for them.

Chris Pine

What do you think of Lil Wayne's new look? For someone who'd love to have him rapping at the top of their Christmas tree. Designed by Chloe Langer.

Lil Waynegel

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