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Boogaloo Stu Cards

Rude Content?
A Anniversary card with a number one prize for number one cock sucker on their birthday designed by Boogaloo Stu.

Best Cock Sucker Card

We all know a cunt in our lives and unfortunately, they have birthdays too. A card designed by Boogaloo Stu.

Happy Birthday

A man of singular tastes? The perfect Boogaloo Stu Birthday card for the one who just loves doing it up the bum!

Lord Bumsex Card

This is probably not safe please do not try this at home! A birthday Anniversary card designed by Boogaloo.

Glitter My Shitter Card

Your mum would love this Anniversary card! A website just insulted you, how does it feel? A birthday Anniversary card perfect for your mum designed by Boogaloo Stu.

Bumsex Card

You've heard of dickhead but introducing penis face'which is way worse. A birthday card designed by Boogaloo Stu.

Penis Face Card

We all have a friend that this card can appeal to but get this card for her birthday and let her know she has a pass to have as much cock as she wants! A card designed by Boogaloo Stu.

Cock Hungry Card

Cunt of the year is quite an achievement they should be happy perfect for birthdays designed by Boogaloo Stu.

C Of The Year

Know a massive, world champion lesbian? Award their Big Lez Energy with this funny design by Boogaloo Stu.

Mega Lez Card

A card with a badge awarding the biggest dick on their birthday designed by Boogaloo Stu.

Biggest Dick Card

Get the lube ready when gifting someone this card I feel like you will need it perfect for birthdays or valentine's day designed by Boogaloo Stu.

Tightest Hole Card

An extremely gay pride card perfect for birthdays, weddings, anniversary's or engagements designed by Boogaloo Stu.

Gay Gay Gay Card

We feel like Boogaloo Stu is trying to tell us something with all these Anniversary cards about bum sex'. Perfect for birthdays we guess'.?

I Heart Anal Card

Their vagina is so good it's they're first A grade!! Perfect for anniversaries or birthdays designed by Boogaloo Stu.

Grade A Card

Number one lesbian in the entire world goes to whoever you get this card for! A great birthday card designed by Boogaloo Stu.

Champion Lezza Card

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