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Leaving Cards

Say Farewell with Scribbler’s Leaving Work Cards

Saying goodbye to your work BFF? Give them a fond farewell or a sassy send-off, with one of Scribbler’s Leaving Work cards. This is one last bit of office banter to send them on their way with a smile.

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Let your soon-to-be-ex colleague how much you’re going to miss them, how much you valued their work, or just how much you’re looking forward to calling dibs on their office chair. Best to let them know that wherever they go, they’ll have a hard time finding new co-workers as awesome as you!

Whether you want something serious and a little sappy, or you’re looking for something with more of a “good riddance” vibe, we’ve got a Leaving Work greeting card that’s perfect for your former teammate.

Browse our online selection of colourful designer Leaving Work cards - you’re sure to find one that makes an impression.

This leaving card from Scribbler is perfect to send to a colleague of yours who is leaving. Let them know how much you're going to miss them.

We'll Miss You

Sometimes when someone leaves you can't help but feel betrayed, send this Buddy Fernandez card to let them know just what you think.


Fuck This Shit O'clock, by Scribbler.What's the time Mr Wolf? Time to FUCK THIS SHIT! ?o'clock. Make them laugh with this hilarious card perfect for any time of the day.

Fuck This Shit O'clock

They've left an impact - that's for sure. You'll be mopping up the tears for weeks! Make them laugh with this cute leaving card from King B.

We Will Miss You

Personalise one of our great cards from Modern Toss. Let that lazy colleague (and your boss) know you're on to them.

Time Off

Tell a colleague to piss off to their new job with this card designed by Sweary Card Company.

Piss Off

Let the one Co-worker you actually like know how you feel about them leaving! Designed by Scribbler.

You Traitor!

Say a cheesy goodbye with this Scribbler card for those who like sugary American breakfast cereals.

Cheerio Supersize

Let them know that they will be sorely missed with this leaving card by Scribbler.

Sorry You're Leaving Spots

Say goodbye with this bold yellow card from Scribbler.

Sorry You're Leaving

Dr Seuss has some truly inspiring words of wisdom, this Doodlelove card is perfect for any occasion.

Be Who You Are

Show your culture and say goodbye in French, featuring food! A card designed by Rumble Cards.

Au Revoir

Another great personalised card from the At Work range from Modern Toss.  Reality-based version of blue-sky thinking.

Just Say It

This card by Scribbler is perfect to send to someone who's leaving, especially if they're switching jobs or starting their own business.

Good Bye

Congratulate someone on a new job by letting them know that they will not be missed. A card designed by Quite Good Cards.

We Won't Miss you

Let a co-worker know if they want to keep their next job, they better pick up the quality of their work with this card from Scribbler.

Shit At Your Job Supersize

Send this foxy card by Jolly Awesome to your friends on any occasion.

Fox Shit Up

Say a cheesy goodbye with this Scribbler card for those who like sugary American breakfast cereals.


Send your love to the person Leaving Work or the country with this great Two Little Monkeys card.


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