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Food & Drink Anniversary Cards

For the salt to your pepper, the bacon to your eggs and the peanut butter to your jelly! If the key to their heart is through their stomach, send a food & drink inspired anniversary card to your other half and celebrate another iconic duo. With a selection of hilarious and romantic designs, lay on the cheese with our best pun-filled cards and raise a glass to another year! While you’re at it, take a look at our other popular anniversary themes: animal, celebrity and film & TV inspired cards.

True love is them wiping for you after youre done. A card designed by Jeffrey & Janice.

Going For A Poo

You two go together like sushi and soy sauce: a match made in heaven! Valentine's design by Whale & Bird.

You're My Soy Mate

Fish finger, anyone? Perfect for any Nigella fan, send this sensual, cooking queen to seduce a loved one with this cheeky Scribbler design.

Enter Your Pleasure Palace

Aw, bring out your inner ramen-tic with this deliciously punny design by Whale & Bird.

Ramen Love With You

Good for the soul and definitely good enough for your soulmate! This is the cheesiest anniversary card you'll find. Designed by Kitsch Noir.

Mac To My Cheese

Well you shouldn't be bloody looking should you Brian! Perv. Designed by Whale & Bird.

Christ Alive Janet

They may be a controversial character and not to everyone's taste, but who cares, because for you it's definitely love! Valentine's design by Roh Noh.

Love You

A Valentine's card for someone you love (almost) as much as bacon. Let them know you want to lick them up and down! Designed by Scribbler.

Wanna Get Streaky

It's getting steamy in here! Hot things up on Valentine's Day with this mouth-watering food pun, designed by Scribbler.

Bao Chicka Wow Wow

Not to sound cheesy, but you guys are really gouda together! Make your partner melt and show them you brie-long together with this Sribbler Valentine's card.

Cheesy Love Card

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Not to sound cheesy, but you guys really gouda together! Make your partnerlt and show them you brie-long together with this ever so slightly cheesy Valentine's card. Personalised design by Scribbler.

Queso Much About You

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Do they love hot sauce almost as much as they love you? Then send slap their face on a bottle with this brilliant photo-upload card by Scribbler.

Hey Hot Stuff

Send this rather peachy card by Scribbler to your bootyful girlfriend.

To My Bootyful Girlfriend

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A personalised birthday card for the person that's hot as fuck in your life! A card designed by Tache

You Are Hot As Fuck

The perfect Scribbler card to send to one sexy vegan. Any tofu loving partners will feel so-ya excited to receive this cheeky design.

I Want Tofu-ck You

Give some well deserved sugar to someone who's the pic of the mix and have their mouth watering at this tempting Whale & Bird card.

You Are So Sweet

Let someone special know that they're the best thing since sliced bread and you can't wait to grow mould together, by sending this punny Scribbler Valentine's card.

I Think I Loaf You

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