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Birthday Cards for Boyfriend

You’re the present… now time to unwrap! Make him feel like the luckiest guy in the world with one of our unique birthday cards your boyfriend will love. Take the opportunity to show how much he means to you and make all his wildest birthday wishes come true - you romantic, you! He’ll be touched to receive a funny design featuring his favourite film or TV show. Don’t forget anyone’s special day; make sure to browse birthday cards for your dad!

Curl up on the sofa and stick the telly on this Valentine's with this awesome Gogglebox inspired card by Pedges Houseboat.

Gogglebox You're the Jenny to my Lee

Let's go nutty and sit in front of the TV this Valentine's Day!

Gogglebox I'm nutty about you

For the rare Boyfriend who doesn't roll his eyes when you ask him to take photos of you from all angles to get that money shot. He's a keeper! Designed by Scribbler.

Best Instagram Boyfriend

Bottom three are the most important qualities needed in a Boyfriend, am I right? Only joking, partners are pretty cool too. Designed by Scribbler.

Boyfriend Fine Piece Of Ass

Tell your Boyfriend what you want from him on his birthday with this Scribbler card. I'm intrigued what the option of get naked but in yellow is. Does it involve paint?

Get Naked But In Yellow

Subtlety is often lost on men so really spell out for your Boyfriend why you continue to keep him around. Designed by Scribbler.

Things I Like Most

I'm sure your Boyfriend will appreciate the Brooklyn Nine Nine reference for his birthday and the fact you called him a hot piece of ass won't hurt either. Designed by Scribbler.

Happy Birthday Boyfriend

Need a card for the best boyfriend ever? We got you! Designed by Scribbler.

Best Boyfriend Ever

What every Boyfriend wants to hear, even if it's not 100% true... He's got to know his manliness is up to your standards for his ego to stay tip top! Designed by Scribbler.

Mr Big Dick

Need a card for your Boyfriend? This funny Scribbler card does what it says on the tin!

Card For My Boyfriend

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They're so lazy they aren't even going out for their birthday! A personalised card designed by Tache

You Lazy Twat

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A personalised birthday card for the person that's hot as fuck in your life! A card designed by Tache

You Are Hot As Fuck

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If you've landed yourself a filthy animal never let them go. A personalised card designed by Tache

You Filthy Animal

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No matter how long passes he will always be the king! A birthday card designed by Tache

Still The King

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For a birthday boy with one fine ass! Let him know you'll want a feel of it later, and no we don't mean his donkey? Personalised design by Jeffrey & Janice.

To You And Your Excellent Ass

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For a Dad so old he's got his arse permanently glued to his armchair. Personalised this Jeffrey & Janice birthday card to make his day!

Magnificent Old Bastard

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Send this personalised birthday card to a miserable old b*stard and see if he'll crack a smile. Maybe after the 7th drink? Designed by Jeffrey & Janice.

Grumpy Fuckers Deserve A Card

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One day you're young and beautiful, and the next you're a couple of old bags sharing a bottle on the sofa. It happens to us all! Personalised birthday design by Jeffrey & Janice.

How The Fuck

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Time flies when you're pissing your life away! Have a drink and forget the realities of adulthood with this personalisable age birthday card by Jeffrey & Janice.

Shit's Starting To Get Real

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Oh big whoop! Your friend's managed to turn another year older so send them this unimpressed pug by Do Something David.

Whoop De Fucking Do

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Ooh check them! Make sure your friend knows you've really pushed the boat out for their birthday this year. Designed by Do Something David.

Ooooh A Personalised Card

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