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40th Birthday Cards

It’s all downhill from here! Truly go all out and make it a year to remember by sending a special milestone design to your favourite 40-year-old on their 40th birthday. Celebrate the day in Scribbler style with a seriously funny & unique card for adults, whether you’re looking for her or for him!

If they were bravely facing the big birthday (the new 30, right?), squash them with this Paper Plane card.

By Your Age 40

We're sorry to inform you that your 30s have expired. You are now officially old and will have to tick a new age bracket on all offical forms. Birthday design by Lucy Maggie.

Thirties Have Now Expired

OMG they're 40! You can't believe your ears. Don't worry, they're as surprised as you! Say happy 40th birthday with this great card by Filthy Sentiments.

Holy Fuck You're 40

Congratulate them on finally hitting 40! The old fuckers! A birthday card designed by Do Something David.

40 Today

They're doing great so far try and motivate them to go another 40 years with this birthday card designed by Do Something David.

40 Great Work

Remind someone of how old they used to be with this great card from the guys at Brainbox Candy.

39 Yesterday

Just make sure you don't break a leg though! Show them that being 40 is a whole new level of awesome with this card by Paper Plane.

Happy 40th

Chuck Norris knows how to treat 40, so send this Buddy Fernandez card and give your friends some much needed advice.

Chuck Norris

They're 40 but you know diddly squat about them. Perfect Two Little Monkeys card.


They are 40 and they are still a twat? Will they ever change? A birthday card designed by Cunning Linguist.

Forty Still A Twat

Vintage 40 card by Art File.Say Happy Birthday to the fine vintage turning 40 with this lovely Vin Rouge card.

Vintage 40

Why not have both? Or neither? Bring on those celibate bearded ladies!! Make them laugh with this brutally honest card from King B.

You Are 40 Now

Put someone's mind at ease about leaving their 30s with this adorable card from Stormy Knight.

Fear Not 40 Rules!

No tea, no shade, you look great on it sis! Condragulate a friend for making it this far by sending this Lowe and Behold birthday card.

Holly Sheet

Inside every 40 year old is a 20 year old wondering what happened. Help a friend to embrace their latest milestone with this birthday design by Poet & Painter.

40 Rocks

40 isn't the new anything, anything that hits 40 is permanently classed as old. A birthday card designed by Brainbox Candy.

40 Is The New Erm

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