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Rude Father's Day Cards

Prize-winning mother*cker? If you inherited your filthy sense of humour from dad, avoid the sappy stuff this Father’s Day and send him one of the rudest cards you can find. You have been warned: our explicit and offensive cards are not for the faint-hearted! Send a cheeky insult to banter with a dad who gives it as good as he gets and for more adult humour, why not check out our sweary Father’s Day cards?

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Rude Cards?
It goes without saying- Where do you think you got it from? Celebrate Father's Day with this rude design by Filthy Sentiments.

My Dad But Still A Twat

Be A Bad Parent, by Half Moon Bay. The perfect advice for any parent that can't wait to be free! Send this card to the bad parent in your life.

Be A Bad Parent

Just put him in the shower and hose it off it seems easier. A card designed by Jeffrey & Janice.

He'D Wiped Their Arses

Not everyone has a relationship where they can get soppy with their Father. If you're more comfortable exchanging insults, then forget Thank you and say Fuck You Dad with this Scribbler design.

Fuck You Dad

Grandad. There's nothing more thoughtful and effective than an acrostic poem at showing someone just what you think of them. We hope your Grandad feels really special when he receives this Scribbler Father's Day card. This yellow Father's Day card says Grandad.


Is your Dad broad-minded, or do you resent Father's Day and want to annoy him? This Scribbler card covers both.

Bad Ass Bitch

Happy Father's Day Grandad. And hopefully the insults are too small for him to read! Just hide his glasses and tell him it says I love you or some BS. Father's Day design by Scribbler. This red card says Happy Father's Day Grandad.

Happy Father's Day Grandad

It's Father's Day, so make sure your Dad takes it easy! Send him this awesome Scribbler card and put a smile on his face.

Never Mind The Bollocks

Add A Name
Whether it's your Dad, Step Dad or Grandad, we all know a grumpy bastard who deserves to receive this personalised Scribbler card on Father's Day.

Here's Some Statistics

Use this card to tactfully suggest that maybe... just maybe, he's past the motorbike stage of his midlife crisis with this Brainbox Candy card.

Dad's Life

So, you weren't planned, take some reassurance that you were the strongest swimmer with this hilariously rude Father's Day card by Scribbler.

Your Pull Out Game Is Weak

Add A Photo
Make sure your long-suffering Dad knows exactly where he stands this Father's Day: tomorrow business will resume as normal so he'd better make the most! Photo upload card by Scribbler.

King For The Day

World's Greatest Farter, by Scribbler. If dad's are good at one thing, it's letting rip! Send this hilarious Father's Day card to make him chuckle.

World's Greatest Farter

Say happy farters day with this card from Brainbox Candy, especially if your Dad is prone to making a nasty smell!

Severe Flatulence

Years of extensive research have shown that the older your Dad gets, the more of a grumpy old man he becomes. Try and momentarily cure his bad mood with this funny Scribbler Father's Day design.

Grumpy Old Bastard

What wouldn't you do to see the expression on your friends face when they read this Brainbox Candy card?

I Wiped My Bum

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