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Funny Father's Day Cards

Does your dad think he’s hilarious? If so, we’ve got just the thing. Check out our rude, delightful and funny Father’s Day cards to give him a real laugh. Whatever keeps him from telling those dad jokes, right?
Being a dad is not an easy gig, and it’s important to show the big guy some appreciation and love…even if he did vote Leave. 
So, if you’re looking to treat your dad, stepdad or grandad to something more long-lasting than a pint, a funny Father’s Day card should do the trick. For cards that rhyme, have a good pun or boast a bit of a cheek, Scribbler makes a living off making people laugh – in the nicest, rudest or funniest way possible. 
If you’re really going for the best child award, pair your funny Father’s Day card with a brilliant gift from Scribbler. 

If your Dad is both of these things, then this Father's Day card by Scribbler is perfect for him!

F Is For Father

This is the coolest pigeon you will ever behold. Why don't we see hipster pigeons like this flying around? Send this Jolly Awesome card to your Dad on his special day.

Daddy Coo

Put Your Feet Up Dad, You Lazy Git. This is his day for celebration and relaxation. No different to any other day, then. A brilliant Father's Day or birthday card for your idle dad, as long as he thinks you're joking.

Dad Lazy Git

Be A Bad Parent, by Half Moon Bay. The perfect advice for any parent that can't wait to be free! Send this card to the bad parent in your life.

Be A Bad Parent

Let your dad know he's the best on Father's Day with this punfully funny card designed by Rumble Cards.

Papa Ya The Best

So your Dad appreciates jokes that are mature and occasionally pungent - who doesn't? Great Scribbler card.

Cheesy Jokes

Remember, just because you share the slightest resemblance doesn't make you related. This Whale And Bird card illustrate that perfectly!


Use this card to tactfully suggest that maybe... just maybe, he's past the motorbike stage of his midlife crisis with this Brainbox Candy card.

Dad's Life

This is the perfect card from Dean Morris for a jack of all trades. He can do anything, and you like to let him.

Dad No One Like You

So, you weren't planned, take some reassurance that you were the strongest swimmer with this hilariously rude Father's Day card by Scribbler.

Your Pull Out Game Is Weak

Is 'ask your Mum' the soundtrack to your childhood? Then let you Dad know with this silly Father's Day card by Dean Morris.

Ask Your Mum

Add A Photo
Maybe he makes a mean breakfast, or maybe he's a bit of a tosser! Either way, send this Scribbler photo upload card to a flipping great Grandpa on Father's Day.

To A Flipping Great Grandpa

Dad You Rock, by Scribbler. For that dad who can't stop himself air guitaring whenever possible! Make him rock out with this awesome Father's Day card.

Dad You Rock

Add A Photo
Your Dad reckons he's a hot dog but really he's a right old silly sausage! Appeal to his sense of humour on Father's Day with this quirky photo upload design by Scribbler.

You're A Silly Sausage

We all know Mum is the top dog in the house, but whilst she's out its Dad's time to shine. Let him know with this brilliant Tillovision card.

Dad's In Charge!

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