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Father's Day Cards For Dad

Without a doubt your favourite dad? Well then, he definitely deserves a unique Father’s Day card just for him! Congratulate him for raising such a wonderful human being with a seriously funny or cheekily rude Father’s Day card that’s right up his alley.

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Rude Cards?
Use this card to tactfully suggest that maybe... just maybe, he's past the motorbike stage of his midlife crisis with this Brainbox Candy card.

Dad's Life

Is your Dad your own personal handyman? Is he your go-to when you've messed up while doing DIY? Then thank him with this sweet Father's Day card by Dean Morris.

Dad No One Can

I Love You Dad, You Old Fucker. A heart-warming, if rude, birthday or Father's Day card by Dean Morris for your beloved ageing daddy. He does already know that word, doesn't he?

Old Fucker

Put on your flares and corduroy and whip out your best moves cos your dad invented disco. Maybe get him to put away the chest pubes though? Designed by King B.

Original Hipster

Quirky illustrated socks and sandals themed card from Whale & Bird.

Daddy Daddy Cool

When Something Breaks Pie, by Scribbler.Who needs google when you've got your dad on speed dial. Make him smile with this hilarious Father's Day card.

When Something Breaks Pie

Show your Dad you care with this cute elephant card by Holly Collective, ideal for his birthday or Father's Day.

Cute Elephant

Add A Name
Whether your Dad, Brother or Uncle, personalise this Kali Stileman design to celebate a cycling mad lad.

For My Relation Personalised Card

Remember, just because you share the slightest resemblance doesn't make you related. This Whale And Bird card illustrate that perfectly!


A Rock n' Roll greetings card to celebrate your cool Dad on Father's Day, his Birthday or just because! Bright and colourful hand drawn amps, speakers and electric guitar. Rock on Pops!

Dad You Rock!

It goes without saying- Where do you think you got it from? Celebrate Father's Day with this rude design by Filthy Sentiments.

My Dad But Still A Twat

So your Dad appreciates jokes that are mature and occasionally pungent - who doesn't? Great Scribbler card.

Cheesy Jokes

Do you and your Dad like to share a pizza on a Friday night? Send them this hilariously punny card by Scribbler this Father's Day.

I'm Just A Small Pizza You

Not everyone has a relationship where they can get soppy with their Father. If you're more comfortable exchanging insults, then forget Thank you and say Fuck You Dad with this Scribbler design.

Fuck You Dad

Either congratulate or commiserate a die-hard Liverpool fan with this football inspired Father's Day card, depending on whether the season is cancelled or not! Designed by Scribbler.

Klopp Dad

Coming second isn't easy. This is why you should always take any opportunity to get one up on your sibling - including Father's Day! Designed by Scribbler.

Thank You For Not Giving Up

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