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Isolation Christmas Cards

Capture the mood of the year and accept that Coronavirus will most likely be hiijacking Christmas too! At least a global pandemic has managed to provide us with a lot of opportunities for humour – because if you can’t laugh you’ll cry, right? Wish your loved ones a happy, healthy, Covid-19 free Christmas whether you can celebrate with them this year or not. Send cute, funny and timely festive designs to cheer up friends & family in quarantine or isolation and pray for a lockdown free New Year!

Spent Lockdown entertaining yourself with an online shopping addiction? You may be broke but you can still send your loved ones this funny Scribbler Christmas card.

Spent All My Money

Planning on skipping seeing the relatives this year? Well, this Stevie Wonder inspired Christmas card by Pedges Houseboat is perfect for you to send!

I Won't See You But Merry Xmas

Has someone got to turn their hearing aid on? If you know someone a little hard of hearing this Do Something David card will be perfect for them!

I Said Six In The Lounge

Got it?? Great! Let's be honest, none of us have any idea what'll happen on Christmas but keep their spirits up with this cheery message from Boris. Designed by Scribbler.

When It Comes To Christmas

Hell yes! Wish them a Meowy Christmas and Happy New Year with this card by Forever Funny.

Roll On 2021

2020 was the year of isolation and some of us have definitely forgotten how to be around people. Let someone know what not to say during Christmas dinner with this naughty card by Do Something David.

Hold On Itchy Fanny

Next slide please! Spread Christmas joy to your pals and send them this very whitty card by Scribbler.

Whittiest Christmas Card

It's probably not a good idea for Santa to visit everyone's homes this year! Lets hope he masks up and santises regularly. Make someone smile with this naughty Christmas card by King B.

Super Spreader

Try to stay positive but hopefully not Covid positive, with this lockdown inspired Christmas card by Buddy Fernandez.

Very Covid Christmas

Celebrate that you both made it to Christmas Day 2020 alive by sending your husband this retro, isolation inspired Scribbler card. It was touch and go for a bit there!

Christmas Lockdown

Make sure you have a hand sanitising station next to the chimney for Santa. Send this lockdown inspired card by Pedges Houseboat this Christmas.

Santa Sanitise Here

Keep your mask handy this Christmas! Remind others to mask up with this brilliant Christmas card by Pedges Houseboat.

Merry Christmask

Well, can you blame them for singing this tune? It has been pretty rubbish! Put a smile on their face with this silly Do Something David Christmas card.

Oh What A Shit Fucking Year

To be fair the gifts aren't worth breaking the law for! Have a laugh about lockdown this Christmas with this silly King B card.

Rule Of Six

Petition for Boris to recreate this speech this year! Capture the moment with this funny, Love Actually inspired Christmas card by Scribbler.

Sorry About The Cock Ups

We all had so many hopes and dreams for 2020 and that's all turned to shit! Know someone like Jeremy from Peep Show? Then they'd appreciate this hilarious New Years card by Pedges Houseboat.

Everything's Turned From Gold To Shit

The end of 2020 can't come quickly enough! Say goodbye to a crappy year and get ready to make mad moves in 2021 with this festive Scribbler card inspired by The Queen's Gambit.

2020 You Resign Now

Is it or not Boris? Should the three wise men stay at home or not? Have you been as confused as Boris Johnson this year? Then send this naughty Do Something David Christmas card.

It's A Miracle

Was really looking forward to Christmas but it's all ended in tiers? Dream of a pub Christmas with this Lockdown inspired card by Scribbler.

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