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Birthday Cards for Wife

To the one you can’t wait to grow old with, send an extra special birthday card to your lucky wife from our hand-picked selection of unique designs just for her. Find the one for “the one”, whether it be funny, rude or down-right romantic! Surprise her by showing how well you’ve been paying attention and she’ll be touched to receive a design featuring her drink of choice. Don’t forget anyone’s special day; make sure to browse birthday cards for your daughter!

Born In The 70s looking back at the nostalgic themes of the 70s by Rumble Cards

Born In The 70s

Born In The 60s looking back at the nostalgic themes of the 60s by Rumble Cards

Born In The 60s


Gogglebox You're the Jenny to my Lee

Let's go nutty and sit in front of the TV this Valentine's Day!

Gogglebox I'm nutty about you

Aw look, it's so pretty and pink! I wonder what it could be? Give your wife a special present tied with a bow this Valentine's. Designed by Scribbler.

Special Package Wife

She puts up with an awful lot of moaning from you so make sure you let your wife know how much she's put up with with this hilarious birthday card by Scribbler.

Happy Birthday Wife

Feeling pretty thankful you have a wife like her? Then let her know with this cute anniversary card by Scribbler.

So Lucky That You're My Wife

Take this opportunity to put down in words just how much you love her. Send your wife this thoughtful birthday card by Graphic Factory, perfect for a writer.

To My Darling Wife

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A personalised birthday card for the person that's hot as fuck in your life! A card designed by Tache

You Are Hot As Fuck

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For a birthday girl with one fine ass! Let her know you'll want a feel of it later, and no we don't mean her donkey? Personalised design by Jeffrey & Janice.

To You And Your Amazing Ass

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The perfect Jeffrey & Janice card to personalise and send to your favourite gal on her birthday. Hopefully it'll get a wine-induced giggle!

Fantastic Bitch

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One day you're young and beautiful, and the next you're a couple of old bags sharing a bottle on the sofa. It happens to us all! Personalised birthday design by Jeffrey & Janice.

How The Fuck

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Time flies when you're pissing your life away! Have a drink and forget the realities of adulthood with this personalisable age birthday card by Jeffrey & Janice.

Shit's Starting To Get Real

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Oh big whoop! Your friend's managed to turn another year older so send them this unimpressed pug by Do Something David.

Whoop De Fucking Do

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What do they want a gold star or something? Bring some sarcasm to the party with this birthday card by Do Something David.

Another Big Achievement

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Ooh check them! Make sure your friend knows you've really pushed the boat out for their birthday this year. Designed by Do Something David.

Ooooh A Personalised Card

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Show your mate the "After" picture of what they can expect to look like at the end of their birthday this year. Designed by Do Something David.

Let's Get Fucked Up

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