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Say no to bog-standard and boring, spit in the face of traditional and get ready to usher in a new era of greetings cards. Scribbler is proud to be home to the rudest and funniest cards around and you can find our entire collection right here, so you don’t miss a thing! Browse hundreds of unique designs for every possible occasion and find that perfect card to surprise and delight the one you love.

This selection includes our Birthday, Anniversary and Thinking of You cards, as well as seasonal must-haves like Christmas and Valentine’s Day designs. Find a card for everyone you know, with designs suitable for your partner, children, parents and friends to enjoy. Stay ahead of the curve and shop our newest trending cards inspired by the latest in TV & film and celebrity culture, or really make them feel special with a personalised Add A Name or Add A Photo design. The choice is yours!

Make it crystal clear that you went to as little effort as possible when choosing this Christmas card. Designed by Buddy Fernandez.

Got A Whole Pack

For someone you have relatively no contact with? But still faithfully send a Christmas card to every year. Wouldn't want to be rude! Designed by Buddy Fernandez.

Have A Good One

So you're not actually the father but it was an immaculate conception, I swear! Funny Christmas design by Buddy Fernandez.

We Need To Have A Chat

Get into the spirit of Christmas with inappropriate lamb and donkey humping that'll really give them a giggle. Designed by Buddy Fernandez.

Crikey Read The Room

A perfect card for when a co-worker is leaving. Let them know exactly how you feel with this card designed by Buddy Fernandez.

Bugger Off

They may be a pain in the arse but that doesn't stop you loving them for whatever reason. A card designed by Buddy Fernandez.

Pain In The Arse

Sometimes when someone leaves you can't help but feel betrayed, send this Buddy Fernandez card to let them know just what you think.


Maybe you know a poor sod who's December birthday gets bundled in with Christmas every year. Save yourself the extra effort and celebrate two for the price of one with this Buddy Fernandez card.

Birthday And Christmas

Jesus, how lame?! Everyone knows that Batman is the main man! Stray from the norm with this festive Buddy Fernandez card.

Fucking Robin

Santa and your Mum have got some explaining to do! Send this silly Buddy Fernandez card to someone who loves a good joke.

Santa Shagging

The exact thought process when it's nearly Christmas, you haven't bought all your cards yet, and you really don't give a shit. Designed by Buddy Fernandez.

Fuck It This'll Do

The Nativity but make it 2020? Parents, just thank God (and Lockdown) that you don't have to sit through one of these this Christmas. Designed by Buddy Fernandez.

Six People Max Guys

Send this Buddy Fernandez card to your Dad to let him know how you feel, without being weird about it!

Love You Dad

Make your friend feel super special with this hilarious card from Buddy Fernandez.

The First Card I Saw

The office Christmas party got a bit out of hand when John from accounting decided to hang mistletoe above his privates. Sorry HR! Designed by Buddy Fernandez.


Say Merry Christmas is a much more creative and? northern way with this Buddy Fernandez card.

Howay Manger Football

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